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Preview: HSBC Singapore Rugby 7s


I’m that sort of guy that watches alot of sport and whatever I can get on the tele or places I can go for live action! Looking at the website and trailer for this year’s edition of the HSBC Singapore Rugby 7s, it looks like way more than just a game, it’s going to be an amazing/unique experience! In fact, the way they’ve marketed it is as an entire weekend of festivities, a kind of huge, sprawling carnival in addition to the actual sweaty, exhilarating, no holds-barred matches, certainly makes me feel really excited for the weekend.

Rugby 7s rules differs from standard rugby rules, in that it’s way more fast paced and intense. Played on a full size pitch with teams of seven (hence the name) as opposed to the traditional fifteen players, each half of the match lasts a mere seven to ten minutes, leading to a more explosive, entertaining spectacle for all to watch. Often considered more relaxed than traditional Ruby Fifteens, there’s often a carnival-esque atmosphere that surrounds it, where fancy dress is the norm and celebrations are abound.

This year, the theme is Show Your Colours, an initiative that’s geared towards wearing your passion loud and wearing it proud with body paint, facepaint and all kinds of costumes and props, transforming the entire National Stadium into a dazzling array of colours.

Show Singapore your colours and get ready to rock, ruck & rumble!

The HSBC Singapore Rugby 7s takes place at the Singapore Sports Hub on 15 and 16 April. For full scheduling and tickets, check out their website here


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