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Preview: If I could set with the sun and Clutter by RAW Moves


RAW Moves continues their 2017 season of Clutter with two upcoming performances in June and July. Having impressed us earlier this year with Indices of Vanishment, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Check out our preview below:

Archipelago Archive Exhibit #3: If I could set with the sun


If I could set with the sun is a 3-hour durational performance that undertakes the construction of dances in the Indian Ocean, somewhere between India and Indonesia. Conceptualised by Kiran Kumar (India), this dance-making process is part reconstructive, part speculative, part archaeological, part anthropological and part fantastical. This research presentation will comprise a series of essayistic works in video, movement and installation formats, and aims not only to present dance as an accomplished object, but as a continual process embedded in the aesthetic, social, political, cultural and economic milieu of contemporary South and South-East Asia.

If I Could Set Wih The Sun plays at Goodman Arts Centre, Multi-purpose Studios 1 & 2 (Containers) on 9,10  and 11 June.

RawGround: Clutter



Featuring working concepts by Jeryl Lee, Matthew Goh and Ebelle Chong in collaboration with Neo Hong Chin and Pat Toh, Rawground: Clutter is a process-oriented platform where the audience will experience diverse modes of creative explorations based on the season’s theme “Clutter”. With this platform, RAW Moves strives to provide company dancers a space to present their research ideas while promoting an active dialogue-exchange between practitioners and audience in an informal setting.

RawGround: Clutter plays at the RAW Moves Studio at Goodman Arts Centre on 14 and 15 July 2017.

Tickets for both If I could set with the sun and Rawground: Clutter available on Peatix, including discounts for combined ticket purchases. For If I could set with the sun, purchasing a ticket will entitle you to multiple entries across all three days and re-entries. 


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