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Preview: Goodwood Park Durian Fiesta 2017

Goodwood Park Hotel Durian Dessert Buffet (1)

Goodwood Park’s beloved Durian Fiesta returns once again this year, featuring all of their favourite scrumptious desserts and more. Made from only the most premium D24 and Mao Shan Wang durians, these creative confections prove that the durian is deserving of the title of King of Fruits, and these desserts are full of pulpy goodness and interesting twists to pique your interest. Alongside the 14 desserts that are available for purchase, there will be a special Dessert Buffet for those who just can’t get enough of these tasty treats!

Goodwood Park Hotel - Durian Puffs

Dessert Buffet

Too much is never enough at this special durian buffet for only the most rabid of fans. The all-new buffet spread will feature a tempting range of durian pastries in addition to the regular desserts. Try six D24 durian creations: the all-new D24 Matcha Cake and D24 Salted Caramel Cuppa, the classic D24 Mousse Cake and D24 Puff, the D24 Donut (exclusive to the buffet) and a live station highlight – á la minute Durian Pancakes, will be showcased among the spread that includes delectable cakes, hot and chilled local desserts, ice cream and more.

Deli Takeaways

Goodwood Park Hotel D24 Durian Matcha Cake

Check out the new creations the D24 Matcha Cake  and D24 Salted Caramel Cuppa. The Matcha Cake is studded with elegant white chocolate ‘pearls’ and crowned with a ‘fan’ made of the same, then surrounded by Italian-style sponge biscuits, perfectly balancing flavours with a matcha mousse-white chocolate centre encased by durian mousse, almond sponge and topped with a matcha-white chocolate glaze.

Goodwood Park Hotel D24 Durian Salted Caramel Cuppa

As for the Salted Caramel Cuppa, this is one for those with a wicked sweet tooth, combining layers of almond sponge, durian mousse, panna cotta and the ultimate accompaniment – salted caramel. It is then sprinkled with vanilla crumble and crushed pistachios for added texture.

Goodwood Park Hotel D24 Durian Starry Starry Night Ice Cream Cake

Also check out the D24 Starry Starry Night Ice Cream cake. The hotel’s durian ice cream cake has always enjoyed immense popularity since its introduction in 2015. This year, the chefs have explored the ‘dark’ side by creating a distinctive charcoal sponge wrapped around a core of creamy homemade durian ice cream.

Goodwood Park Hotel D24 Durian Mousse Cake

Classic durian desserts are of course, also available to takeaway. The D24 Mousse Cake, the original Durian Fiesta dessert created in 1983, will of course be available to buy in both slice and whole cake form. Other classics include the D24 Puff, D24 Crepe and D24 Ice Cream tub, all of which contain creamy durian pulp and offer pure bliss upon consumption.

Goodwood Park Hotel 'Mao Shan Wang' Durian Designer Cake

Be sure to also hold out for the following items, only available from 27 May onwards. Check out the Mao Shan Power Puff, a profiterole piped in with durian pulp upon order, the Mao Shan Wang Durian Mousse Cake, a twist on the original creamy D24 Mousse Cake, and the Mao Shan Wang Designer Cake (pictured above), a handcrafted masterpiece perfect for those cheeky Instagram shots and just as tasty as it looks!

Mouth watering yet? Well if it is, time to go and do something about it, and head on down to Goodwood Park this instant and grab yourself a tasty helping of all that creamy durian goodness, guaranteed to turn your frown upside down as you partake in the celebration of the King of Fruits.

Goodwood Park’s Durian Fiesta is on till 31 July 2017. For full details and products, visit their website here. Preorders can also be made, check out the full brochure here, and place your orders online at, call the Deli (9am – 9pm daily) at 6730 1786 or print Page 2 of the Durian Fiesta brochure and email it to:


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