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Preview: Dramatised Readings 2017 by Theatreworks Writers’ Lab

TheatreWorks has birthed an all new triple threat of promising new writers from their latest Writers’ Lab workshops. Having received dramaturgical mentorship from internationally renowned playwright Tony Perez, Isaac Lim, Tan Mae Shen and Beverly Wee are ready to showcase their finished works in a one day only performance of Dramatised Readings. 

Directed by Tan Shou Chen, the three writers’ new works will hear their plays read aloud by actors and receive feedback from the director, actors and audience, making the session a workshop of a sorts to further improve on their writing when put to the test with a live audience.

As part of their script development process, TheatreWorks is dedicated to nurturing and developing new writing from the local community, exploring creative dialogues between artists, and artist and audience, bereft of the pressures of performance outcomes. Although the writing may not be performance-ready, nor is the script intended to be completely concluded by the time of the reading, the session is intended to give the writers useful feedback and responses from an interested audience to help contribute to the development of these newly written scripts.

Dramatised Readings takes place at 72-13 on 3rd June. Admission is free, but registration must be done via Eventbrite

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