FRAGO by Lucas Ho.png

“In the early morning march,
With the field pack on my back,
With an aching in my heart,
And my body full of sweat.”

Checkpoint Theatre continues their 2017 season with FRAGO, a new play by Lucas Ho, directed by Huzir Sulaiman. In their seventh year in reservist training, a group of army mates in an armoured infantry unit return for a war game exercise. In the waits in-between, their thoughts drift to their relationships, jobs, newborn babies and aging parents as the demands of the outside world intrude in. They begin to wrestle with what it means to step up and truly become an adult.

FRAGO bears witness to the struggles of Singapore men on the cusp of hitting the big 3-0, and the complexities of brotherhood, triumph and disappointment on the (fictitious) battlefield. FRAGO stars Adib Kosnan, Alfred Loh, Ali Anwar, Cerys Ong, Derrick Tay, Jo Tan, Stanley Seah, Tan Sieow Ping, Tim Nga, Chong Woon Yong and Zaaki Nasir as they paint a vivid world of the army at its most honest, leaving audiences with a rare glimpse into the unspoken pressures, fears and desires of Singaporean men, year in, year out when duty calls.

Stay tuned for the second part of our preview, where we will be featuring an exclusive interview with FRAGO cast members Jo Tan and Adib Kosnan!

FRAGO  (R16) plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 13th – 23rd July in English and Mandarin with English surtitles. Tickets available from SISTIC


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