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Category: Checkpoint Theatre

Review: FRAGO by Checkpoint Theatre

National Service in Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, making it a perfect time to churn out army-themed plays that reflect on its history. Checkpoint Theatre has started the […]

Preview: FRAGO by Checkpoint Theatre

“In the early morning march, With the field pack on my back, With an aching in my heart, And my body full of sweat.” Checkpoint Theatre continues their 2017 season […]

Review: Normal by Checkpoint Theatre

“Would you say that these works have any merit as opposed to… Shakespeare?” As if in response to such a challenge from a line in the play, Checkpoint Theatre opens […]

Preview: Normal by Checkpoint Theatre

Checkpoint Theatre enters their 2017 season with a throwback with their previously sold out show – Normal by Faith Ng. Directed by Claire Wong, their 2015 smash hit returns to the […]