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Beat the Heat and Shop Smart this Raya with MODESTyle

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Think the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar has become too hipster? Too hot to travel? Now, you can do your Hari Raya shopping in the comfort of your home and with the click of a mouse with MODESTyle, Asia’s first Online Raya Bazaar!

MODESTyle is an online shopping platform that offers all kinds of products, from fashion, to food, to even new furniture to adorn the house with. With 20 vendors to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone, all of which are top quality merchandise. Some of these vendors include Manja for chic fashion, Hipvan for Home and Decor and Kaisyahs Closet for halal fragrances.

Not only can you shop from the comfort of your own home at any time, vendors will also be offering exclusive discounts online not found at the bazaars outside! Even if you’re in a rush, MODESTyle also lets you order your goods for next day delivery, or for the more leisurely, collect it yourself.

We decided to pick out some items that caught our eye on the website:

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Slouchy Bag By Geraldine (Deep Maroon). The women in your life deserve a fashionable slouchy bag to tout around when visiting relatives this Hari Raya. Be the envy of others with this simple yet stunning bag that has plenty of room for just about everything you could possibly need.


Bangkit Cheese by Kings Oven. What’s a Hari Raya without tasty snacks? Whether your resident makcik wants to nom on something traditional with a flair of the modern, or you’re just plain hungry, Kings Oven has some delicious, cheesy baked goods to really celebrate this Ramadan period.


Matcha Cha Purifying Face Mask by Rania Hasna Nature Elements. With the weather getting so hot lately, it’s no wonder we’re all breaking out. Luckily, apart from fashion, there’s also plenty of affordable and of course, ethically and responsibly sourced beauty products available. We love all things matcha, and we imagine that once we receive our face mask, we’ll be lying in a soothing, air conditioned room just letting our pores really let go after an insane weekend of celebrating and visiting.

MODESTyle hopes to be the leader in driving forward a new way of traditional shopping during this festival Ramadan period. As a modern alternative to the Ramadan bazaars, shop smart, shop convenient with MODESTyle this Hari Raya for one of the smoothest shopping experiences ever.

Check out MODESTyle’s website and shop for fashionable goods and tasty snacks while their RAYA E-fest is still ongoing now! 


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