Arts Preview SIFA 2017 Singapore Theatre

The O.P.E.N. 2017: Opening Draft by Ho Rui An


Singapore-based artist/writer Ho Rui An explores the intersections between contemporary art, cinema, performance and theory in his work. Exploring the idea of images and their significance and transmission in the context of the greater society beyond simply that of art for art’s sake, Ho has presented projects in places as far flung as Brisbane and Zurich.

Ho is also the curator responsible for curating the O.P.E.N. collection of art exhibitions and performances known as For Lack of A Better Word, aimed at capturing the enchantment of the spoken word, and comprising Unsettled Assignments by Sidd Perez and Vuth Lyno, The Unforgetting Space by Tan Biyun, Opening Draft by Ho Rui An, Sultan Ibrahim by Lantian Xie and On The Threshold Of Listening by Zou Zhao.

Ho Rui An’s Screen Green (2015). Photo from artist’s website

In Opening Draft, Ho will be explaining and drawing out the themes and ideas informing his curatorial decisions in relation to the O.P.E.N. Ho will consider what it means to take pause to continue speaking, and how one could take a moment of silence in an era where false civility and critical nuance have become the norm. Using Opening Draft as an opening address, the act of commencement becomes the performance of drafting, whether it’s putting words to paper, or simply referring to the draft of air caught between words.

On our Instagram page @bakchormeeboy, look out for our The O.P.E.N. post and simply comment to answer the question ‘What is the opening event of The O.P.E.N.?’ (Hint: It’s this post!) and stand a chance to win a PAIR of O.P.E.N. passes! 

Opening Draft takes place at the Chamber, The Arts House on 6th July. Limited tickets available on the door, or register beforehand with an O.P.E.N. Pass. 


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