Arts Preview SIFA 2017 Singapore Theatre

The O.P.E.N. 2017: Sultan Ibrahim by Lantian Xie


Dubai-based Chinese artist Lantian Xie works with multiple disciplines, from taxidermy to found art to create images, objects and stories. In his lecture at the O.P.E.N., Xie will speak about the Arab Gulf, and touch on themes of precarity, mortality and its temporal nature.

Lantian Xie’s Romance Section, 2016. All the books from the Romance section at a used book store in Dubai. Photo from artist’s website

With his multimedia style, Xie will utilise fiction, song, essay and film to shape an itinerary for places where there is no more need to belong or identify with a country.   Everything is transient, and nothing lasts forever.

These people go about their daily lives all the same, with elbows and knees scattered across countless gulfs, islands and peninsulas. Ears are listening nonetheless. Toes are tapping. Teeth are biting. And tongues are busy shaping words borrowed from other tongues. Join Xie as he takes you on a journey through his stories, and find out more about the nature of temporality and the mortality of modern day Arabia.

On our Instagram page @bakchormeeboy, look out for our The O.P.E.N. post and simply comment to answer the question ‘What is the opening event of The O.P.E.N.?’ (Hint: It’s this post!) and stand a chance to win a PAIR of O.P.E.N. passes! 

Sultan Ibrahim takes place at 72-13 on 7th July. Limited tickets available on the door, or register beforehand with an O.P.E.N. Pass. 


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