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Golden Village Opens State of the Art Cinema At SingPost Centre

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Easties rejoice! Besides the cineplexes at Tampines Mall and I12 Katong, Golden Village has just released a spanking new cinema at the newly renovated SingPost Centre!

Located just beside Paya Lebar MRT station, the new cinema promises an all new and improved cinematic experience, bigger and better than ever. Its 12th outlet, GV Paya Lebar features a total of eight screening auditoriums and 756 seats, along with a few new features that mark multiple firsts for Golden Village.

GV Paya Lebar Level 2 TV Wall

The most revolutionary improvement the new cinema brings is its installation of Smart Laser technology across all eight of its screens. While being given a tour of the facilities, we were treated to a demonstration of a side by side, split screen comparison between the new Smart Laser technology and the previous system, and saw just what it was capable of. Smart Laser projection, developed by Barco, allows films to be projected at a brightness of 20,000 lumens, giving rise to superior picture quality, more vibrant colour saturation and sharper images, and even though is best for viewing 3D movies, shows a marked improvement in 2D films as well.

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In addition, Smart Laser technology is even more environmentally friendly by comparison, consuming up to 45% less energy than previous projection systems and requiring less frequent replacement. According to Eddie Tan, Barco’s General Manager (SEA) of Entertainment & Corporate, Smart Laser technology is even slated to be the ‘in’ projection technology over the next few years, and GV is looking to retrofit some of their screens in other cinemas with this technology as well. But beyond just taking our word for it, you guys should be heading on down to the cinema yourselves to see just how fantastic it looks in person!

GV Paya Lebar Duo Deluxe Seats


While viewing the demonstration, we were also seated at GV Paya Lebar’s exclusive new Duo Deluxe Hall (Hall 1). Golden Village is always attempting to improve the cinematic experience of its customers, and when it first introduced halls in Gold Class, audiences were finally able to come face to face with a lux cinematic viewing experience. But in Duo Deluxe, GV has found a happy medium, which features twin leatherette seats, specially designed with lumbar cushion for superior support. Containing only 58-seats, sitting in Duo Deluxe is an absolute delight, while also being reasonably priced ($15 on Mon-Thur, and $20 on weekends), offering comfort and exclusivity, almost like being in Business class on a plane.

GV Paya Lebar grab & Gold

Finally, beyond the picture quality and viewing comforts, GV Paya Lebar also features a cafe at the very entrance. Named the ‘grab & Gold Cafe’, the eatery is open to all, with or without a movie ticket purchased, and is brightly and joyfully furnished with comfy chairs and movie memorabilia.


As for food, the cafe sells both local favourites and Western fare, including Cheese Poppers and Basil Cheese Pizza, and some interesting local spins on desserts, such as their Thai Tea Pound Cake and Blue Velvet Lychee Cake. The cafe even sells alcohol (for a very reasonable price of 2 bottles for $12), and all drinks and food can be brought into the cinema while watching your film, an alternative to the usual cinema standard of popcorn. GV has yet to decide if alcohol will be sold beyond 10.30pm, as per the new alcohol laws.

GV Paya Lebar Hall

With the opening of GV Paya Lebar, we know exactly where we’ll be catching our next anticipated blockbuster when it premieres, nestled in the comfort of plush, leatherette seats, an ice cold beer in hand as our eyes lock onto gorgeous, high quality laser projected image before us. We’ll be seeing you guys at the movies when GV Paya Lebar officially opens at the end of the week!

Photo Credit: Golden Village

Golden Village Paya Lebar officially opens to the public on Friday, 6th October, and is located at Level 3, SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8, #03-107, Singapore 408600. On 5th October, there will be special film screenings that GV Movie Club Members can enjoy at special rates if you turn up and purchase tickets in person from 10am. More details available here


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