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Review: Forever Crazy by Crazy Horse Paris


Are you ready to go Crazy? Parisian cabaret extraordinaires Crazy Horse Paris returns to town after an absence of ten years to set stages ablaze once again with their elegant, classy dances that can only be described as pure art.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Tinelli

Base Entertainment Asia and the production team have done an amazing job of transforming the Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands into an intimate, cabaret style setting, cozy and perfectly suited for the show. Opening with the classic ‘God Save Our Bareskin’, it was incredible to watch these women perform one of a kind movements, extremely well rehearsed and perfectly in sync with each other. Dressed exactly alike, it was hard to tell one woman from another as they marched as a single unit across the stage, working in perfect harmony, and there was evidently much effort made by the casting department and makeup to ensure that they looked so similar. In each act, two screens were set up on either side of the stage and displayed high definition pre-recordings of the same number, yet the live performance onstage was essentially exactly the same down to the second, proving the consistent quality of their performance.

Photo Credit: Francois Goize

Other impressive acts included ‘Strip-tease Moi’, as two dancers moved seductively with each other and around an iconic lip sofa inspired by Salvador Dali. Playing a straight couple, issues of gender play and sexuality were teased in the performance, incredibly sensual and absolutely sizzling with seduction.

Photo Credit: Antoine Poupel

‘Crisis? What Crisis!’ was yet another incredibly creative act. Mocking the 2008 financial crisis, the number involved the ‘female president of a multinational corporation’ on the verge of a nervous breakdown, leading to a sensual striptease to let her stress go free. It’s a fun piece (that us financially obsessed Singaporeans found particularly relatable) as Parisian stock exchange rates are projected against the backdrop (designed by François Willenz and Mathieu Jurgenson) and her business attire came off to reveal lingerie from  Paris fashion and lingerie designer Fifi Chachnil, in collaboration with Ali Mahdavi.


In between acts, to give the girls time to change and prepare for the next number, guest performer Robert Muraine (a former contestant on So You Think You Can Dance) appeared onstage to explore the limits of the human body’s elasticity. It was amazing to watch the way he nimbly maneuveured his body around as he popped and locked his way across the stage, and we were completely enraptured with the way he manipulated a bowler hat, completely in control of its movements. Even if it isn’t an official Crazy Horse number, Muraine’s act perfectly deserves to be considered on par with the others, proving that he’s a master of flexibility.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Tinnelli

Crazy Horse of course, isn’t one to go out on a whimper, but with an absolute bang with closing number ‘U Turn Me On’. Sensual and cheeky, the act was full of colour and catchy tunes (composed by disco singer/songwriter Jacque Morali) to ensure that audiences wouldn’t forget this spectacular end as the girls danced and pranced their way across the stage in their signature wigs (now dyed in various shades of the rainbow), all smiles and with more energy than ever before.

original (2)

It’s no wonder that Crazy Horse is such a household name in the international cabaret scene and a proud tradition in Paris. At its heart, Crazy Horse isn’t just about nudity and sex appeal; in its portrayal and celebration of women in their multifaceted forms and capabilities, Forever Crazy is empowering in granting its dancers such energy and performance value, where women are given the strength to be anything they want to be and display it for all the world to see. For Crazy Horse, cabaret is elevated to art, and for conservative Singapore, this is a rare chance for both men and women to see what the fuss is all about. Open your hearts and minds a little to see beyond the skin – this is an elegant, classy night out which will certainly leave you reinvigorated with a new lust for life.

original (1)

And for an even cosier experience? Make no delay in booking your tickets to the extremely limited Forever Lounge, where guests will practically be treated like royalty, with cushy seats and a bottle of champagne to complete you Forever Crazy experience. You’ll even get to meet some of these gorgeous, talented dancers after the show!

Photo Credit: Crazy Horse Paris

Performance attended 12/10/17

Forever Crazy (R18) plays at the Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands from 11th – 22nd October. Tickets available from SISTIC  and Marina Bay Sands 

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