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Enter The Golden Pineapple: Aloha Poke’s All New Tiki Bar

We’re always on the hunt for new places to chill out at before or after an evening theatre show, and Aloha Poke’s Tiki Bar at Amoy Street fits that to a T. Since the first time we decided to grab a bowl and try this Hawaiian take on sashimi, the pioneer brand has since grown to have five outlets to their name, expanding their menu and customer base, and just recently, went back to their very first outlet at Amoy Street and developed the concept further. How you ask? By setting up a golden, neon pineapple down the alleyway, opening their back door for business once day turns to night of course!

Once dusk hits Singapore, the soothing zen beach feel of the eatery transforms into a beat-pumping bar practically effervescent with energy. The drinks menu goes into full throttle, and bartenders are at the ready to deliver your favourite poison. At the launch, co-founder John Chen recalls when he was in Hawaii, sitting on the beach and watching the sun set while sipping on a strong pina colada. Naturally, he wanted to replicate the experience with the Tiki Bar, which explains why some of the drinks available go up to 30% alcohol.

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The Tiki Bar offers up a variety of unique cocktail creations, most of which are rum-based (naturally) and come in unique, Moai or coconut shaped drinking glasses. The Big Island Iced Tea for example, is their own spin on a typical Long Island Iced Tea, and still packs a punch; consisting of white and spiced rum, orange and pineapple, the drink also really plays up the ‘tea’ in its name, injecting it with a dose of tasty Earl Grey syrup.

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Besides the sheer strength of the alcohol, there’s some tropical twists to the drinks as well – the Fiery Passion, for example, comes with a flaming half-passionfruit and comes flavoured with a stick of lemongrass, while the White Crest is topped with a mountain of in-house coconut meringue and contains guava.

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Meanwhile, if you’re here in a big group, consider getting the huge Scorpion Bowl, literally a punch bowl of vodka and three rums, with some choice syrups and juice, and definitely the last thing you’ll remember of the night.

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Still sticking to its theme, the Tiki Bar also serves up Hawaiian craft beer from Kona, with a lager, golden ale and IPA available. Even though the focus shifts to drinks in the evening, the Tiki Bar still serves up some tasty grub, and fully intentional as a drinks and food place. At the launch on Friday, we were treated to their event exclusive Kueh Pie Tee, which was filled with poke instead of the traditional turnip and shrimp (we loved it). Of course, you can still order your standard Poke Bowls, topped with their unique and fresh blends of fish, or try some of their other snacks on offer, including oven baked Aloha Wings, pulled pork in their Kalua Pig Burrito and of course, spam Musubi.

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By the end of the night, we were slightly inebriated, full of fish, and incredibly happy (we somehow engaged in a deeply philosophical conversation while downing the Scorpion Bowl and eating poke served on taco chips). Aloha Poke no doubt continues to be incredibly innovative and comes bundled with an undeniable sense of fun in its new venture, and we’re definitely tagging this as a late night hangout after some of our theatre outings in the city centre.

Aloha Poke
92 Amoy Street, Singapore 069911
Closest MRT: Telok Ayer (Downtown Line)

Opening Hours
Lunch:  Mon to Sat: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: Mon to Sat: 5.30pm – Late
Closed on Sun and Public Holidays

Telephone No: (65) 6221 6165

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