Theatre companies aren’t the only arts groups around to have youth wings; one of our favourite local experimental dance groups RAW Moves has one too. Called A Little RAW, the group of youth dancers aged 11 to 19 (including two with special needs) will be presenting their year end performance this November at Goodman Arts Centre’s all new performance space – the Artground.

In the spirit of its parent company, A Little RAW taps on dance and movement exploration to unleash its dancers’ creative minds. Encouraged to express themselves through varied dance techniques and repertories, the dancers then use their newfound skills and knowledge to inform their final performance, and this time around, will even feature original choreographies conceptualized by the dancers themselves. All the acts infect with their youth and energy, and their creativity and imagination will even extend to their choice of light, sound, and props as well.

RAW Moves - What the tree sees... (Photo Credit - RAW Moves)

This time around, they’ll be presenting What the tree sees… is an original work adapted from theatre practitioner Jeffrey Tan’s book Blue Forest and co-directed by both RAW Moves artistic director Ricky Sim and Wong Wai Yee, who leads A Little RAW. Featuring drawings by Italian Theatre for Children artist Dario Moretti, What the tree sees… takes inspiration from a tree looking for harmony in a busy forest, encountering animals, distractions and challenges along the way to learn some important life lessons. Watch as the children captivate and entertain as they morph into various creatures such as dragonflies, mice, owls, and firefoxes.

Join RAW Moves and A Little RAW as they show off what they’ve learnt and go on an enchanting escape as they unlock the mysteries of the plant world, and find out just what there is to learn from the fascinating lives of curious trees.

Photo Credit: RAW Moves

What the tree sees… plays at The Artground, Goodman Arts Centre, from 24th – 26th November (tickets on 25th and 26th November are sold out). Tickets available from Peatix

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