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Urban Ventures X House of Noise Street Party

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On Saturday, Urban Ventures returned to the streets of Keong Saik Road and Jiak Chuan Road to deliver the 8th edition of their regular street party! Bringing in local vendors to stock an entire marketplace worth of goods and food, along with exciting local acts performing across three stages to entertain the crowds, the street party truly showed off the vibrancy of the district and the sheer amount youthful talent and energy there was impressive, to say the least.

Noise mentor Inch Chua with Jamie Chong

Teaming up with Noise Singapore, the lineup across the stages featured emerging music acts, ranging from indie rock to acoustic ditties to electronic DJ acts. When we headed down, just after the afternoon showers came to a close, we caught local indie darling Inch Chua performing with Noise mentee Jamie Chong. Although Jamie looks pretty ordinary, when she’s up on stage, she transforms into a serious rap machine, belting out angry lyrics over bass heavy, hiphop sounds (see “Red and Grey” below). If this is the kind of talent that Noise continues to nurture, then we’re pretty sure the future of our music scene is in perfectly good hands under these emerging artists, all of whom you should definitely be keeping an eye out for in future.

Trouble Brewing’s Shophouse Summer Ale and Red Light Pilsner, specially brewed for the event

As with every other street party, there were also plenty of F&B vendors to keep our tummies full and our thirst quenched. Eateries like Bao Makers (who just opened a permanent shop at Jiak Chuan Road) were happy to join in the festivities, while we were introduced to Trouble Brewing, a month-old beer company that makes specialized brews to order for specific events. This time around, Trouble Brewing came up with twin brews: Shophouse Summer Ale and Red Light Pilsner, in order to match the Keong Saik Road theme.

Meanwhile, shopaholics rejoiced as some of our favourite local shops took their places along the street as well, hawking their unique products perfect for the Christmas season. We were hooked when we caught a glimpse of the items Plain Supplies were offering up; gorgeous leather bracelets and fashionable watches.


With this much energy, even the rain couldn’t put a dampener on the flurry of activity that went down at Keong Saik and Jiak Chuan on Saturday. Urban Ventures continues to be a champion of local brands and local talent, and we couldn’t imagine a better way to have spent the weekend before Christmas down at this street party, taking in all the good vibes and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Visit Urban Ventures’ website and follow their Facebook for more information on their next upcoming event! 


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