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Preview: SUB II – THE ART OF EXPLOITATION by Underground Theatre

For the layperson, Singapore probably looks like one of the closest things to a utopian state, with clean streets, green spaces and of course, its famous tagline of going from ‘third world to first’.

But underneath this veneer of perfection, there’s a revolution brewing, and what better place to stage it than the Substation? Written and directed by Dew M. Chaiyanara, Underground Theatre presents SUB II: THE ART OF EXPLOITATION this March. A sequel to Dew’s 2008 play Subculture: Punks vs Peranakans, this new play explores what it truly means to be a Metalhead, Punk or Skinheadgoing far beyond what one wears and what one does, instead coursing through their very blood and performed in their attitude.

Oddly enough, it’s a play that’s received support from the National Arts Council, but remains authentic in every sense, with a cast and production team of actual Metalheads, Punks and Skinheads, including Life! Theatre Award winning actors Lian Sutton and Najib Soiman, and other influential underground figures such as Shaiful Risan. This March, prepare to find out just what it is that lies in the blood of these subcultures, beyond a passing phase or statement, and truly coming to terms with this very real way of life.

SUB II: THE ART OF EXPLOITATION plays at the Substation from 3rd – 4th March. For bookings, email:

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