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Singapore Design Week 2018: The City Ramble Design Trails by Shophouse & Co


This weekend, Singapore Design Week returns to our sunny island, and with it comes Shophouse & Co’s Design Trails for the fifth year in a row!

Renamed The City Ramble Design Trails, the participants will be introduced to trails that will lead them far outside the city centre, with a total of six stops that will show them how design is very much a part of our everyday lives as they visit locations with countless stories and surprisingly intricate designs. Past years editions have included unusual and rare opportunities to visit places such as the Airbnb office, Lloyd’s Inn, The Projector and The Working Capitol. This year’s edition changes up the format a little, dividing it into three distinct experiences and formats: The City Ramble Stories, The City Ramble Heritage and The City Ramble Process. All trails begin and end at the National Design Centre.

Key Image
Photo Courtesy of Shophouse & Co.

The City Ramble Stories will be the first time an urban guide has been published  focusing on creatives under the age of 35 and showcase their journey, the places they love, and their unique view of the world. Available for a small fee, this guide acts as a self guided trail as seen through the eyes of a young urban creative. Some of these areas include places scouted out by 19 year old identical-twins creative duo, Zeharn and Zeherng, who specialise in quirky cross disciplinary interior design and architecture, taking inspiration from society and everyday encounters.

The Warehouse Hotel
The Warehouse Hotel, photo courtesy of Shophouse & Co.

The City Ramble Heritage is a ticketed tour led by design professionals and heritage experts, leading participants on a trail that will shine a spotlight on three heritage sites: Goh Loo Club, The Quadrant At Cecil and The Warehouse Hotel. The trail aims to highlight how some of these projects have been revitalised via design alone, and the stories behind what it takes and why it’s important to keep these heritage sites alive.

Citizen Farm
Citizen Farm, photo courtesy of Shophouse & Co

Finally, The City Ramble Process will lead participants right to the home of the creatives themselves, as they go behind the scenes and watch the design processes unfold first hand. Participants will get a chance to see places not usually open to the public, ranging from urban farm The Citizen Farm to creative commune The Mill, a repurposed industrial building, to Funan Showsuite, where retail and design innovation come together into a single experience.

As it rebrands and reformats itself, this year’s edition of The City Ramble Design Trails is sure to open participants’ eyes and show them the sheer amount of vibrancy and life that runs rampant through the city. Get your tickets now, and discover a side to the city you never knew existed.


Want to win a trip down to check out The Citizen Farm, The Mill and the Funan Showsuite this weekend? We’re giving away tickets to go on the City Ramble Process trail! To win, all you have to do is:

1. Name one location you’ll be visiting on the City Ramble Process trail here
2. Like us on Facebook and Instagram

The winners will be informed via Facebook.
The City Ramble Design Trails will take place from 10th – 11th March 2018, across different venues and will be ticketed at different prices. Visit for more details. 

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