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Preview: The Page on Stage – A Performance of Words from the stories of Baratham, Cheong, Jeyaretnam and Tay


Tan Kheng Hua is a busy woman – she’s performing in Pangdemonium’s The Father while still hard at work on producing a new show at The Arts House’s inaugural Textures literary festival.

Love Letter by Gopal Baratham

Directed by Brendon Fernandez, The Page On Stage features actors Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai and Jun Vinh Teoh performing stories from some of Singapore’s best known writers from the 90s.

My Cousin Tim and My Grandfather Tim by Simon Tay

Watch the words of Gopal Baratham, Colin Cheong, Philip Jeyaretnam and Simon Tay spring to life in the hands of these two performers, as they play characters ranging from a teacher turned life coach to an estranged relative returning to reconnect with their straight-laced but idolising cousin.

Polite Fiction by Colin Cheong

The Page on Stage promises to be a loving tribute to four of Singapore’s favourite authors from the 90s, and in the hands of such a capable creative team, is sure to do justice and breathe more life than ever into these finely-sketched characters you won’t forget.

Abraham’s Promise by Philip Jeyaretnam

The Page On Stage plays as part of Textures from 9th – 11th March. Tickets available from Peatix

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