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To A Good Home: Adoption Meets Fashion with Good Dog People’s ‘Good Dogs and People’ Showcase

Godfather of Fashion Daniel Boey will never fail to surprise us. At the recently concluded Pet Expo 2018, Boey, in collaboration with independent pet company Good Dog People, presented a special showcase featuring canine and human fashion designed by some of Singapore’s foremost fashion designers.


Leia, furkid to Daniel Boey

At the event, Boey emphasised the aim of the showcase to encourage adoption over buying new dogs, with plenty of ‘Singapore Specials’ put up at shelters over the years who all have wonderful personalities. Boey himself is a recent adopted parent to Leia, a dog who was rescued from a puppy mill. Says Boey: “In the show, you’ll see models and owners ranging from the tender age of 6 all the way to someone who’s 10…in dog years. Good dog care can start at any age, and lasts for a lifetime, and before adopting a dog, you really have to have the right mentality that the dog will become a part of the family, and that it does take up a lot of time and money to take care of.”

As for the difficulty of working with four legged models, Boey explained: “It’s actually just the same as working with two legged ones, you have to cater to their personalities!”


The pieces worn by both dogs and adults were 100% designed by locals, featuring brands such as scarf designers Binary Style and even fashion maeven Thomas Wee, while 10% of the proceeds made from the sales would be donated to dog shelters.


During the show itself, the sheer variety of dogs was astounding. Models from NOW Model Management walked amongst owners and even celebrities, including actress Cynthia Lee-Macquarrie, former Miss Singapores, and even designer Thomas Wee.


At the end of the runway show, Good Dog People founder Terry Peh said: “Local dogs need a lot of awareness for acceptance, much like how local designers still need more exposure and recognition by the public, so it made sense to unite them.”

He continued: “If you’re finding a potential new dog to add to your family, make sure you bring your own household to meet them before adopting, and ensure you have the right lifestyle to accommodate these dogs so you have enough time and resources to take care of them properly.”


Watching the audience snap countless photos of the dogs decked out in colourful scarves and the equally dazzling models onstage, one felt the glitz and glamour that these four legged friends could bring, no matter what their background was. Good Dog People’s message was clear: all these dogs are special in their own way, and if you know how to take care of your dog properly, both good dog and good owner will shine brighter than ever before as they walk down the street together.

For more information on Good Dog People, visit their website here

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