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Swedish Film Festival 2018: A Celebratory Retrospective Of Ingmar Bergman


Ingmar Bergman was perhaps one of the greatest filmmakers ever, and without a doubt, one of Sweden’s pride and joy, a master of depicting the difficulty of modern life in each and every one of his films. If he were alive today, he’d be celebrating his 100th birthday this year, and oh what a joyous, triumphant celebration it might have been. Partnering up with the Embassy Of Sweden and the Swedish Institute for the third time since 2016, The Projector presents the 2018 Swedish Film Festival this weekend and celebrates a Bergman centennial in the best possible way: with a selection of Ingmar Bergman’s greatest films.

Cries and Whispers

Curated by local filmmaker and Bergman loyalist Kirsten Tan (POP AYE), the festival opened on Thursday with Cries and Whispers (1972), and will see seven of Bergman’s films playing over the Projector’s screens over four days, and end on 15th April with Bergman Island (2004), a documentary set on Faro where Bergman lived out his last days, and depicting the director’s life and times in an intimate interview with Marie Nyrerod, who will be present during the screening for a post show Q&A.

Bergman Island
Bergman Island

Other films in the lineup include Wild Strawberries, Summer with Monika, Fanny & Alexander, Persona, Autumn Sonata and of course The Seventh Seal, often considered his magnum opus and the introductory Bergman film for would be fans. Says curator Kirsten Tan: “I have tried to programme work that is representative of each of his epochs, in the hopes that this will prove as illuminating to audiences as it has been for me. Of course, this selection is not in any way exhaustive, and one looks forward to the possibility of the retrospective opening up the magic of Bergman’s world for viewers in Singapore, old fans and new converts alike.”

The Seventh Seal

Discover, or re-discover the magic of Bergman yourself at the Projector this weekend, immersing yourself fully into a world of ‘mystery, ecstasy and the fullness of life’ of the human condition, at the 2018 Swedish Film Festival. 

The 2018 Swedish Film Festival runs till 15th April at The Projector. Tickets available here


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