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Preview: The Buzz at the Bread and Roses Theatre (London)

The Buzz Poster

LONDON – After the success of Phil Charles’ The Black Eye Club andDoc Andersen-Bloomfield’s Little Did I Know, The Bread & Roses Theatre will be presenting the final instalment of their 2016/17 Playwriting Award season this May with Lydia Rynne’s The Buzz. 

In The Buzz, Rynne tackles the pitfalls of success head on as audiences watch the fall of ex-TV personality Kyla, whose fame has rapidly given way to the next big thing – her celebrity popstar boyfriend. Saddled with her anti-establishment squatter brother on the night of the year’s biggest music award ceremony, Kyla is forced into confronting the lie of a life she’s been telling herself she’s been living.

Fiercely relevant with its concerns over the obsession over instant gratification from fame, overnight celebrity culture and the people and values we step on to succeed, The Buzz promises an exciting, promising new voice in theatre in this darkly comic treat this May.

The Buzz plays at the Bread and Roses Theatre from 8th – 19th May. Tickets available here



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