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Preview: PANCHA – Flowers Don’t Bloom All The Time by Maya Dance Theatre

Local dance company Maya Dance Theatre returns this August with the third instalment of their successful PANCHA programme. Started in 2016, PANCHA literally translates to ‘five’, and the dance series draws inspiration from expounding upon five female archetypes in relation to the five elements – Wind, Fire, Earth, Water and Aether, and has previously explored issues such as the patriarchy and maternal pain due to loss of children’s lives at war.

Conceptualised by Maya Dance Theatre Artistic Director Kavitha Krishnan, This year’s edition focuses on the element of Earth, and specifically explores issues of domestic and sexual assault against women and children. Titled Flowers Don’t Bloom All the Time, the element of Earth acts as a parallel to the home environment, and draws inspiration from the stories of real-life victim-survivors of sexual violence. Flowers then becomes a voice for the oppressed and silenced, bringing to light trauma and social stigmas that continue to plague survivors long after their assault.

Flowers Don’t Bloom All the Time is co-created and presented by both Singaporean and Indonesian artists, following a six month creation process in both countries. Besides the dance performance itself, a series of other programmes and events leading up to the event and after will take place from 7th July – 22nd September, ranging from a film screening of Indo-Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta’s Anatomy of Violence about the 2012 Delhi gang-rape incident, to a photo exhibition by Joseph Nair, and a number of dialogue sessions on on violence against women by social workers and legal advisors.

As Maya Dance Theatre moves into its 10th year, Flowers Don’t Bloom All The Time looks set to make a real impact and create awareness of violence against women and children. This August, feel the weight of the earth move with Maya Dance Theatre as they give victim-survivors a voice, and uses its multidisciplinary art form and programmes for real social justice and change.

Anatomy of Violence will be screened on 7th July at the Arts House. Tickets available from Peatix

Flowers Don’t Bloom All The Time plays at Centre 42 from 15th – 18th August 2018. Tickets available from Peatix

For the full PANCHA lineup of events, visit May Dance Theatre’s website here

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