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Preview: The Taste of Water by Bound Theatre

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Formed in 2011, young, self-funded local theatre company Bound Theatre has produced five productions over the seven years since their inception. Aiming to create honest theatre to tell personal stories about pain and memory, the company will now be presenting their sixth production this August, a completely original devised physical theatre piece titled The Taste of Water.

Directed and written by Wee Xuan Yi and Teng Zi Ying respectively, The Taste of Water follows the tale of two long-time friends who meet each other after years apart, falling in love with each other. The only problem is, they’re supposed to be in love with other people. With the one evening they spend with each other, they attempt to traverse both their old memories and create new ones together, before making a final difficult decision – will they do what is ‘morally right’? Or will they choose to seek out an uncertain happiness instead?

The Taste of Water 
will star a cast of nine youths, namely James Chia, Juliana Kassim Chan, Wendi Wee Hian, Audrey Teong, Erika Maguicay, Hu Yu Heng, Tan Hui Er and Bound Theatre core team members Seet Yan Shan and Wee Jia Yi. Watch as Bound Theatre dives into the realm of physical theatre once more, and explores concepts of love and morality as actors embody various characters traversing through temporal, physical and mental space.

The Taste of Water plays at the Goodman Arts Centre Black Box from 3rd – 5th August. Tickets available here

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