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Preview: The Fall by The Young Company


Following two years of training across all forms and aspect of theatre, Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) latest batch of The Young Company trainees are set to graduate this August, culminating in a graduation showcase performance of James Fritz’s The Fall.

First performed by the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain at the Finborough Theatre, London in August 2016, The Fall examines youth and their relationship with ageing and intergenerational differences. Comprising three loosely connected scenes, each scene tells of a different group of people experiencing mortality and ageing in various forms, from encountering a dead body for the first time, to caring for ageing parents, to the prospect of a cash renumeration for euthanasia.

Written by James Fritz, whose work has been lauded for closely examining both the politics and poetry of millennial lives, The Fall has been lauded since its premiere, and promises a bewitching performance that juxtaposes the youth of its performers with the age of the characters they play. Simultaneously funny, distressing, thought-provoking, yet hopeful about the attitude of youths towards age and older generations, watch The Fall this August to see just what the next generation of theatre practitioners and performers are capable of.

The Fall plays at the KC Arts Centre on 24th and 25th August 2018. Tickets available from SRT

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