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Museum Musings: Installation in Progress at SAM


The Singapore Art Museum has launched its newest presentation this week. Titled Installation in Progress, the presentation is a retrospective on the SAM’s own history as it explores ideas of exhibitions and exhibition-making.

Tracing the time from SAM’s opening in 1996 to its present day expansion and growth, Installation in Progress will be located at SAM Curve at the Singapore Art Museum till 26th August 2018. Having produced over 300 exhibitions since opening 22 years ago, the presentation both surveys these past exhibitions and reflect son the process of exhibition-making via the eyes of the curator, the artist, and the audience.

Curated by SAM assistant curator John Tung, Installation in Progress features three components – a review of the museum’s exhibition history, an interactive exhibition-planning component, and a new artwork by Singaporean artist Michael Lee specially commissioned for this presentation. Titled Museum of Air, the work draws its title from the proverb “building castles in the air”, taking the form of a giant cloud representing the collective imagination and contemplation, with objects within it symbolising the museum operational processes and texts that descend from it give more specificity to artists’ desires. Beside is lies a bound volume of mind maps giving visitors an insight into the artistic community in Singapore.

Installation in Progress also offers visitors free access to a reference library of SAM’s exhibition catalogues and past publications on-site, and conceptualise their own exhibitions on an interactive magnetic wall. Workshops and talks will also be held throughout the exhibition period for interested members of the public, sure to shed greater insight on the history of the institution and exhibition conceptualisation.

Installation in Progress will run from 18th June to 26th August 2018 at SAM Curve in the Singapore Art Museum. For more information, visit their website here

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