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M1 Patch! 2018: Round Round Buns by Chop Chilli Chop Co.

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Of all the programmes in The Theatre Practice’s inaugural M1 Patch! Festival of Artful Play, Chop Chilli Chop Co.’s Round Round Buns stands out as perhaps the most irreverent one of all.

Round Round Buns was previously staged in 2017 as part of The Theatre Practice’s Playground Series. From its title alone, one is already left intrigued by what this tongue-in-cheek name could possibly have in store for audiences. On the website, it describes itself as an imaginary “online hangout where we let it all hang out; a virtual world of social networking, interactive forums and games”, brought to life at The Theatre Practice’s Tuckshop this August. Part games night, part confessional, part theatre, Round Round Buns then invites audience members to take a frank and humorous look at the unspoken, and the deep, dangly bits of human existence itself.

In this year’s edition, the performance will centre around the theme of gender. What the motley cast seek to create with Round Round Buns is a safe space where audience members are free to talk and discuss. At the same time, Round Round Buns promises that it won’t simply be a “roundtable” discussion – the team want to evoke greater audience participation which they will moderate and shape over the course of the night, and of course, also incorporate experimental theatre and games into the mix as they redefine what the concept of a play could mean.

Says Chop Chili Chop Co. team member Sim Xin Yi: “This is meant to be a place where audience members can discuss the complexities of society. The topics and discussion aren’t going to be too serious, but it won’t be done in a sloppy way. The topics to be discussed are well thought of, and we’ve already done our research. We hope it’ll help audiences consider different perspectives, as well as spark conversation. Also thinking about how we look at things.”

Says fellow team member Gloria Ang: “The content we discuss will be very much relevant to what is happening in the world now. At the end of the day, it’s all about being open minded as we play with them, exploring and experiencing and opening your minds to the topics and also to the people around you. Everyone will definitely have different views, so it’s all about learning to respect each other.”

She continues: “For myself, it’s also all about self-reflection, and also to just learn to absorb what is around us so we can learn, especially in this safe space where we won’t get judged. And really, it’s about lowering the barriers to find an alternative way to talk about topics we might not normally be able to talk about or are just too shy to.”

Round Round Buns plays the the Tuckshop, The Theatre Practice from 17th – 19th August 2018 as part of the M1 Patch! Festival. Tickets are sold out. M1 Patch! A Theatre Festival of Artful Play runs from 1st – 31st August 2018. For more details and tickets, visit The Theatre Practice

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