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George Town Festival 2018: Over Penang by David ST Loh

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GEORGE TOWN, MALAYSIA – Penangite David ST Loh has been away from Malaysia for 30 years. In that time, the photojournalist has gone on to become an editor at Reuters, work for Malaysian Insight, and have his images gracing books and newspapers ranging from the New York Times to the Washington Post, and more.

Taking a closer look at how the island has progressed over the years while maintaining a keen heritage streak, David attempts to use Over Penang as a means to document this phenomenon. In the exhibition, visitors were mesmerised by these images of contemporary Penang, capturing the aerial vista of the state rarely seen by anyone, including residents.

David’s photography reveals a keen eyes for detail and balance, and with his drone, scours and unveils some of the most interesting terrain, landmarks and features previously hidden away. Says David: “Penang is such an amazing place where there seems to be non-stop events, activities, things to do, and places to go. If you are prepared to go out and look, you will never be bored in Penang. I am constantly told I am showing them images of a side of Penang that they never knew existed.”

Over Penang was exhibited at the E&O Hotel.  The 2018 George Town Festival ran from 4th August to 2nd September around various locations in George Town, Penang. For full programme lineup, visit their website here

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