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With a heartbreaking opener in the form of The Father and a fiercely current re-run of Dragonflies, Pangdemonium ends off its 2018 season with something a little less melancholic – the Singaporean premiere of the five time Tony Award winning play Peter and the Starcatcher.

Written by Rick Elice with music by Wayne Baker, Peter and the Starcatcher is a prequel to J.M. Barrie’s novel Peter Pan, about the boy who never grew up, and is based off Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson’s novel of the same name. As with Pangdemonium, they’ll be recontextualising the play for a local audience, setting it in Singapore in 1885. There, we join Molly, a precocious young Starcatcher-in-training alongside three orphans as they embark on a voyage across the seas to a faraway island ruled by the evil King Zarboff. Along the way, they’ll meet fearsome savages, strange mermaids, and be chased by the dastardly pirate Black Stache. And to what end? The powerful, mystical, celestial “starstuff” that must never fall into the wrong hands! With enemies on every corner waiting for the single moment of opportunity to catch them at their most vulnerable, will the children survive the dangers of Neverland and live happily ever after?

Peter and the Starcatcher 
is directed by Tracie Pang and will star an ensemble cast comprising Thomas Pang, Andrew Marko, Carina McWhinnie, Adrian Pang, Benjamin Chow, Daniel Jenkins, Erwin Shah Ismail, Zachary Ibrahim, Juwanda Hassim, Crispian Chan, Andy Tear and Salif Hardie. This cast will portray over a hundred unforgettable characters, bringing them and the world of Neverland to life with various Southeast Asian artforms. End off Pangdemonium’s 2018 season celebrating the innocence, imagination and resilience of childhood with this hair-raising, heart-warming adventure of a lifetime for the whole family.

Peter and the Starcatcher plays from 28th September to 20th October at the Drama Centre Theatre. Tickets available from SISTIC

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