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Preview: Hullabaloo at the Artground


Following the 100 and 100 More Festival, The Artground returns with a brand new programme this September. Titled Hullabaloo, the four month programme promises visitors an explosion of colours, patterns and shapes sure to appeal to children’s exploration and discovery.

Aisha and Aida

During the period of the programme, the Artground has been transformed into a whimsical landscape by local artist Nur Aida Binte Sa’ad (Yellow Mushmellow), who was inspired by her sister Aisha’s vibrant, colourful drawings, and happens to have autism. Hullabaloo then celebrates Aisha’s expressiveness, bringing them from page to stage while remaining incredibly accessible to young children as they play in the space.

The space has been designed to resemble Aisha’s world she has created in her drawings. What’s more, Aisha even meets her friends weekly to engage in art projects, with plenty of tactile experiences like woven patchwork blankets with sensory materials for toddlers, while older children run around and discover quiet hidden realms.

During the installation, the Artground will also be presenting Perth-based Sensorium Theatre’s multi-sensory production Oddysea from 11th-15th September 2018. The company is the only professional one in Australia to design productions specifically for special-needs children, and takes audiences on a tactile underwater wonderland, journeying through a coral reef while being entertained by sea-themed songs and one-on-one interaction. Sensorium Theatre will also be conducting professional development workshops for local artists, educators and the public.

Says Artground Executive Director Luanne Poh: “It is our hope that every exhibition, every play space in Singapore becomes extra-special for all children, because every child, regardless of her or his background or condition, is special in their own way.”

Photo Credit: The Artground

Hullabaloo runs at The Artground at Goodman Arts Centre till 6th January 2019. For more information and tickets, visit their website here

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