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Preview: 100 and 100 More Festival at the Artground

100 and 100 More Festival Banner

“The child
is made of one hundred.
The child has
a hundred languages
a hundred hands
a hundred thoughts
a hundred ways of thinking
of playing, of speaking.”

With a title inspired by Loris Malaguzzi’s poem The Hundred Languages of Children, Artground is proud to present the inaugural 100 and 100 More Festival For Young Audiences, presenting a series of the best international children’s productions and exhibitions this May.


Located within Goodman Arts Centre, The Artground is perhaps one of the most interesting spaces for young ones in Singapore. Melding art into a playground, the space encourages children aged 12 and under to come explore the environment lain out for them, and learn through play. With that in mind, it makes complete sense that the 100 and 100 More Festival coincides with an all new installation by Japanese artist Daiya Aida. Titled Rolling @ Tag, the installation transforms the Artground into an interactive play area, introducing curved slopes and tunnels for excited children to run around and play in. But beneath these seemingly normal structures are some hidden secrets, from a ”god camera’ allowing one to see the entire Artground from a bird’s eye view, to a voice mixer that responds with a garbled response when spoken to. In Rolling @ Tag, there are no holds barred in terms of experience, and children are encouraged to use all their senses and imagination to interact with and fully enjoy the space.


The Artground has also commissioned local theatre practitioner Jeffrey Tan to produce a work specially for the festival. Titled Into the Blue Forest, the immersive, intergenerational performance is adapted from a picture book by Jeffrey Tan and Italian Theatre director illustrator Dario Moretti, and stars actors Beatrice Chien, Grace Kalaiselvi and Fadhil Daud. Children follow the story of a funny old tree who for some reason, wants to stand out from the crowd and become a blue tree, and meet the various animals of the forest as she goes on this quest, getting a chance to help her and the animals along the way.


In addition to other shows from countries ranging from Scotland, Denmark, and Indonesia, the festival will also be presenting a co-creation with Australian company The Paperboats. Titled Especially On Birthdays, the work as first shown in April 2018 at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, and is about the ups and downs of having a twin sibling. For this new, Singaporean version, the production will be directed by Ian Loy, star local actors Seong Hui Xuan and Bright Ong, and feature an ethnic tech music score by StanxSoap


If you have a child in tow, or know anyone with young children, The Artground’s 100 and 100 More Festival makes for the perfect way to introduce them to the world of arts with quality productions that will expand their imagination and absolutely make them fall in love with the power of performance and exploration. Like the poem that inspired its title, a child’s curiosity is perhaps one of the most precious things belonging to them, and with the festival, hone it and help them discover the beauty and wonder of the world around them.

The 100 and 100 More Festival takes place at The Artground at Goodman Arts Centre from 25th May – 3rd June. For more information and tickets, visit their website here

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