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Preview: Olli Mustonen – Prokofiev Piano Concerto 2 presented by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra


The Singapore Symphony Orchestra brings you a high-intensity concert experience this October with the arrival of two of the great Finns of today – conductor Hannu Lintu with a powerful and commanding stage presence, and acclaimed pianist Olli Mustonen.

Together, the pair will perform Prokofiev Piano Concerto 2, a complete cycle of Prokofiev’s Piano Concertos which the two have also recently released on record. Prokofiev’s Piano Concertos are notorious for their diabolical difficulty and astringent modernity. To hear them live at the Esplanade then, will be a thrilling experience, as the pair perform the Russian composer’s Second Piano Concerto, alongside other rousing tunes such as Tchaikovsky’s tumultuous orchestral tale Francesca da Rimini, after the tragic episode from Dante’s Divine Comedy, as well as Hannu Lintu’s special interpretation of Sibelius’s First Symphony, fitting as Sibelius was one of Finland’s most important composers, with the First Symphony capturing a Nordic soundscape of grandeur and solitude.

Audiences can also meet Hannu Lintu at the Pre-Concert Talk at library@esplanade, and Olli Mustonen at his autograph session during the concert intermission. Supported by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, get ready for an evening of pulsating music from Finland’s best as they bring you Prokofiev Piano Concerto 2. 

Olli Mustonen – Prokofiev Piano Concerto 2 plays at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 26th October 2018. Tickets available from SISTIC


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