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Museum Musings: Three New Exhibitions Opening At Gillman Barracks

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Time to make a trip down to Gillman Barracks this month, as the Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Yavuz Gallery and Mizuma Gallery each open a new exhibition!

Les Femmes du Maroc: Reclining Odalisque, 2008, three chromogenic prints mounted to aluminum with a UV protective laminate, 60 x 48 inches each/152.4 x 121.9 cm each

At Sundaram Tagore Gallery, get a glimpse at acclaimed Moroccan artist Lalla Essaydi in her first solo show in Singapore, Truth and Beauty, which runs from 26th October to 15th December. Known for her skill at photography, this exhibition brings together three of Essaydi’s most powerful photographic series, comprises more than 20 large-scale colour photographs including several of Essaydi’s iconic multi-panel works. The images images present Moroccan women in a range of staged narratives that explore contemporary power structures, while also confronting conventional representations of Arab women, formed in part by Western perceptions of Islamic culture.

Arena, 2018, beeswax, charcoal dust, oil and enamel on canvas, 196 x 476 cm

Yavuz Gallery will present Kantil Moderato (Slow Tempo Edge),from 27th October to 22nd November 2018. This will be Filipino artist Maya Muñoz’s first solo exhibition in Singapore. In the exhibition, the line between painting and poetry is further blurred, as what can be seen, can somehow be felt. After years of concentrating on abstraction, Muñoz finds her way back to portraiture and figuration and fuses them with the textural and compositional elements of her abstract works.

Mizuma Gallery will present Radiance from 1st November to 16th December 2018, a joint exhibition by Indonesian artist Albert Yonathan Setyawan and Japanese artist Miyanaga Aiko. The exhibition will feature new artworks done in response to each other, along with each artist’s newest body of works. These will include Setyawan’s his largest-scale artwork to date, the installation Helios, for the first time in Singapore since its debut in Japan at the Mori Art Museum, which comprises of over 2,000 ceramic pieces in the shape of a flower and a seraph, these symbolic objects are arranged in modules of patterned configuration and fill an entire wall of the gallery space. Meanwhile, Miyanaga will present life, her most recent series of several suspended transparent paintings with each containing within it countless air bubbles. Each individual bubble was sealed into the work little by little, reflecting within it the landscapes of each passing day, according to the artist.

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