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Christmas Wonderland 2018: An Interview with Magician Rob Lake

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This year, Christmas Wonderland returns to Gardens by the Bay, with a Christmas celebration reminiscent of the many yuletide fairs and markets in Europe, complete with light installations, holly jolly food, and plenty of live performances.

While last year’s lineup featured an Ethiopian circus, this year’s edition will be going for something a little more magical – literally, with America’s Got Talent alumni and magician Rob Lake, whose act and skill has charmed countless audiences around the world. We spoke to Rob briefly before he flies in to Singapore and dazzles the local crowd with his tricks at Christmas Wonderland 2018:

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Bakchormeeboy: What made you decide to make the move to go from magic as a hobby to magic as a career?

Rob: For me, they have always been the same – my career and hobby. When I was 10 years old, I saw my first magic show, and I immediately fell in love with magic. At that very moment I knew that magic would be my life, and my career. When I was 20 years old, I dropped out of college to pursue magic full time. Who were your pillars of support in getting as far as you have? I had two wonderful mentors, and lots of other help along the way. But there is no short term success story. What my show has now become is the culmination of more than 25 years of non-stop dedication and work.

Bakchormeeboy: What’s one common misconception people have about magicians you’d like to shed some light on?

Rob: Only one!? If I had to pick just one – people think magic is only for kids. While kids do love magic, “Adults are only grown-up kids” – Walt Disney. Magic isn’t about trickery or fooling you, it’s about wonder, awe, excitement. In today’s timeespecially adults- are desperate for a sense of awe and wonder. For even a moment, an adult can have wonder and awe like a kid, while still being entertained and enjoying a show. My show is family- friendly, but not a kids show by any means. The adults have as much fun (often even more fun) than the kids.

Bakchormeeboy: Why did you decide to join America’s Got Talent, and how has your life changed since appearing on it?

Rob: I’ve been lucky to perform my illusions around the world, as my full time job. However, I had limited exposure. AGT allowed me to showcase some of my illusions to Millions of people around the world! I have a lot more followers now on social media (so many message requests that I can’t get to them all!), and I get recognized in public everywhere I go. Even when I was visiting Disney World, I was recognized and some fans asked to take their picture with me.

Bakchormeeboy: Which is your favourite act to perform onstage?

Rob: This is a VERY difficult question. An illusion can take years to perfect and put into my show, and after all of this time, I get attached to it. So, it is difficult to select only one, as they all feel like my children. However, I really enjoy illusions that involve the audience, because it is different every single show! Some of my most favorite illusions to perform will be included in my show this winter at Gardens by the Bay, and they involve audience interaction.

Bakchormeeboy: Why should Singaporeans make a trip down and make sure they catch your show this Christmas?

Rob: Christmas is a magical time of the year; we are surrounded by feelings of magic. I have picked out some of my favorite illusions, and created a special, intimate show that makes Singaporeans part of the magic. It is a very cool theatre- all of the seats are very close to the stage, and I wanted to take advantage of that by letting the audience not only experience the magic up-close, but also be a part of the magic themselves!

Christmas Wonderland takes place at Gardens by the Bay from 30th November – 26th December 2018, 4pm – 11pm daily. Tickets for entry and certain attractions priced separately and are available both onsite and from their website here

Entry is complimentary for up to 2 children under 0.9m for each paying adult.

A special discounted bundle is also available for Christmas Wonderland and ‘The Magic of Rob Lake’ admission tickets online. Visitors can save up to 30% when purchasing four tickets in the Family & Friends bundle (subject to availability).

Purchase entry tickets online at least 1 day before your visit. Same-day admission tickets can only be purchased at the ticketing counters onsite.

Separate charges apply for certain Christmas Wonderland attractions, OCBC Skyway and Gardens by the Bay conservatories

Tickets can be purchased at www.christmaswonderland.sg from 5pm on 1 November, or at on-site ticketing booths from 30 November

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