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Museum Musings: Of Dreams and Contemplation – Selections from the Collection of Richard Koh at The Private Museum

He Jian Listen, 2009 Chinese ink and colour on rice paper 145cm by 188cm

In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2019, The Private Museum will be displaying Of Dreams and Contemplation, a collection of gallerist Richard Koh’s very own personal collection. The founder of Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) is constantly surrounded by a whole range of paintings and sculptures in myriad colours, textures and forms, yet in contrast, his personal art collection reflects a preference for minimalism and mood.

Of Dreams and Contemplation features 33 works by artists whom Koh admires as well those whom he represents. Among them are pieces by Chinese artists who are part of the “apartment art” generation including Lin Tianmiao and Huang Rui, who is also the founder of Beijing’s 798 Art District. The show also presents works by contemporary Southeast Asian artists Sopheap Pich, Natee Utarit and Kedsuda Loogthong. The exhibition spans more than two decades, reflecting on a multitude of his ruminations, personalities and interests through the works of 30 artists. Often referred by Koh as “Landscapes of Memory”, each work evokes a specific memory, a tangible reminder of a fleeting moment in his life. Mostly abstract and monochromatic, the works offer rare insights into Koh’s private contemplations – inviting the viewer to interpret and delve deeper.

Says Koh, who started dealing in art from 2005 through his eponymous gallery: “These are the paintings I’ve bought because they have triggered a memory, or an emotion for me. I don’t particularly care for how famous or “collectible” the artist is when I buy – as long as the work speaks to me.”

Natee Utarit Jerry’s Painting, 2002 Oil on canvas 160cm by 140cm

Of Dreams and Contemplation runs at The Private Museum from 23rd January to 3rd March 2019. Admission is free. For more information, visit the website here

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