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In London’s (Off) West End 2019: Medea Electronica by Pecho Mama (Preview)

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LONDON – Edinburgh Fringe smash-hit Medea Electronica is going on tour this year. Starting this February, Pecho Mama’s ambitious production brings its unique and primal energy to Pleasance Islington, reimagining the classic Greek tragedy of Medea with a scorching live electronica ensemble and thrown into the turmoil of Thatcher’s Britain.

Genre-busting by nature, Medea Electronica revitalizes this drama for a new era by placing it in the maelstrom of a live synth gig with an all original soundtrack of contemporary Electronica and 80s-inspired Progressive Rock. Medea Electronica tells the story of a family that’s coming apart at the seams, as Medea begins a process of savage revenge and destruction when she discovers her husband’s deceit and betrayal. Initially written by Greek writer Euripides in 431BC, the original Medea is infamous for its savage act of infanticide by a mother as revenge for her husband’s adultery.

Considered one of the greatest theatre roles for women, Medea occupies the space of both hero and villain as she quivers with rage and passion, unwilling to be cast aside or surrender her agency. Playing Medea will be Mella Faye, also a creator of Medea Electronica, and her performance invites the audience to feel the beating heart of a woman who does something unforgivable, to see her humanity as she does something monstrous.

Says Mella: “As a company we are constantly seeking to strip away the conventional approach to theatre-making, to find new, progressive and music-driven ways of playing together. The joy in staging this production has been to throw a very mundane world together with a searing prog-rock-electronica gig. The two worlds seem at odds until they bleed into each other as Medea smashes her way out of her domestic cocoon. We invite the audience to be on her side, despite the things she does. To will her on, and to want her to succeed.”

Expect the unexpected with this thrilling show of revenge, as Medea interacts with bodiless voices, and sings with a live band on stage. With Alex Stanford (O2, Royal Albert Hall and Hackney Empire) on synths and Soundgarden as well as Sam Cox (O2, Ronnie Scott’s and The Cavern Club) on electric drums, Medea Electronica promises a visceral experience that thrums through the bones of the audience.

Medea Electronica plays at the Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Road, London N7 9EF from 19th to 24th February 2019. Tickets available here

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