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In London’s (Off) West-End 2019: Dinner is Coming at The Vaults (Preview)

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LONDON – Is it prescience that allowed the Vaults to coincide their latest immersive dining experience with the premiere of the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones? Someone must have leaked a few spoilers, because this April, it’s time to get ready as the Several Kingdoms come together for a game of draconic proportions – Dinner is Coming.

A loving parody of Game of Thrones, Dinner is Coming brings together fabulous food, theatre, comedy and an unhealthy dose of murder. With guests invited to commemorate the blessed Day of Marriage between the heir to the Several Kingdoms, Jaffery Bearathon, and Margarine Trywell, the beautiful daughter of the noble Trywell family, it’s not long before murder rears its ugly head and threatens to ruin the festivities.

Forced to pick a side and pledge your allegiance, guests are required wager their bets on who will inherit the throne, the consequences and results of which will certainly change the flow of dinner. From Sissy Nark and Johns Know of the Nark family to the scheming Kirsty Bannister, choose your family well as you feast on your medieval meal. Prepare to tell lies, take risks and trust no one, and above all, finish your food. After all, a Bannister always clears his plate.

Dinner is Coming runs from 9th April to 2nd June 2019 at the Vaults. Tickets available here

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