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In London’s (Off) West End 2019: Greyscale at Soho Theatre by Anonymous Is A Woman (Preview)

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LONDON – In the wake of the 2018 Aziz Ansari scandal, consent and learning to recognize it became a hot button issue, especially in light of the growing #MeToo movement and the exposure of sexual harassment in Hollywood. With that in mind, in Greyscale, playwrights Madeline Gould and Joel Samuels have both written monologues for characters on a date without conferring.

Playing as part of VAULT Festival 2019, this novel 30 minute experience presents three sides of the truth – Lou is in the Vaults bar,  Jaz is in the smoking area, and audiences will be split into intimate groups to hear one monologue before coming together to look through peep holes at the date, finally separating again to hear the second perspective. Tackling our obsession with social media and modern voyeurism, the production raises questions about who we should trust whenever we hear one side of the story, exploring the rituals and minefields of dating today.

Says director Roann McCloskey: “The conversation needs to be more than what the #metoo movement started. We’re distracted by this space we have moved into where we believe that sexual assault is committed by giant fairytale villains. There is a base layer of consent that is being ignored. It goes hand in hand with power dynamics and entitlement and that’s where we need the conversation to head. What can we do to transform the future of consent? Why? How?”

With a rotating cast, both characters will be variously played by men and women as heterosexual and same-sex couples, discussing not just gender, but also sexual dominance, social constructs and power. #MeToo does not simply exist in the luxurious hotel rooms of media moguls, but also, terrifyingly, exposes the monsters of the everyday. Who was in the wrong, was it Aziz or ‘Grace’? Ponder on this, as Greyscale explores the conditioning which feeds into consent and underlies partner dynamics.

Greyscale plays from 2nd February to 17th March 2019 at the Vehicle Venues as part of VAULT Festival 2019. Tickets available here

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