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Preview: Railway Records by Desert Wine



Desert Wine’s Comfort Theatre Series returns this weekend with a brand new production, this time with a site-specific theatre work titled Railway Records. 

Held in partnership with the Bicentennial, the free performance runs at the black truss bridge at the former Bukit Timah Railway Station on Saturday, March 30th for six 30 minute sessions, showcasing five monologues that capture the last 116 years of our passenger railway system, revealing both its heritage and the changes Singapore went through in that time.

Railway Records is written, directed and produced by Sharmila Melissa Yogalingam, and will star Kris Mavericko, Vishal Khattri, Sandeep Singh, Dorothy Leong and Pramila Krishnasamy. Join them as they get your engine going this Saturday, and show you the history and power of the railway system’s heyday.

Railway Records plays at the Former Bukit Timah Railway Station, with the meeting point at the black truss bridge, next to The Sterling condo, which is next to King Albert Park MRT. Admission is free of charge. For more information, visit their website here

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