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#SupportLocal: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Launches the Arts Support Framework

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As part of their ongoing efforts to support the arts and cultural ecosystem in Singapore, the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) has announced its all new Arts Support Framework, set to launch an Arts Housing Programme, Visual Arts Partnership and Artspace@SCCC, offering more opportunities for local arts and cultural groups to develop and present their works in SCCC.

Three groups have been selected to move into the SCCC starting this April as part of their Arts Housing Programme, offering both established and emerging organisations affordable spaces for rehearsals and administrative use. Following an open call in 2018, young percussionists Drum Feng, Teochew opera company nam Hwa Opera and the fusion music collective TENG Company will be housed at the SCCC, working with the centre to develop workshops, performances and programmes for the public to enjoy.

At the press conference held on Monday, all three performing arts groups presented performances that highlighted their craft and the quality of their work. In particular, the TENG Company was interesting, in that they did not limit themselves to Chinese instruments, but bring even the Malay kompang together with Western sounds to showcase their imagination, where they incorporated the tune of ‘Dayung Sampan’ into a piece titled Fusion, as part of their showcase. In addition, the group showcased multidisciplinary considerations, with a video of an old-timey wedding scene held at the Fullerton before starting the song proper that only added to the grandeur of the showcase.

The SCCC has also introduced the Visual Arts Partnership to address the challenge faced by visual arts groups in finding suitable exhibition spaces, allowing local arts groups to present their major exhibitions at the centre on a regular basis. Eight local groups are set to kick off this programme, comprising the Federation of Art Societies (Singapore), Artists Society of Singapore, Modern Art Society Singapore, Sculpture Society (Singapore), Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy & Painting Society, The Singapore Art Society, The Society of Chinese Artists and The Singapore Watercolour Society.

Finally, local artists and groups have also been invited to make use of the public spaces in SCCC to showcase their art pieces through the Artspace@SCCC initiative. These exhibition spaces are located at key areas within the centre, and provide a platform for the public to enjoy the works by local artists, with the current exhibitions comprising one by the Federation of Art Societies (Singapore) at the Multi-Purpose Hall foyer, showcasing works completed over the last ten years that offer new perspectives to the familiar sights of Singapore’s daily life, as well as at the Sculptures Walk @ SCCC, a year-long partnership with the Sculpture Society (Singapore) to display eight works by five local sculptors on Levels 1 and 9 of SCCC.

Says Mr Low Sze Wee, Chief Executive Officer: “We recognise that arts groups face challenges in finding suitable spaces for their administrative work, rehearsals and exhibition of their artworks. The Arts Support Framework was introduced to help overcome this difficulty, by providing spaces within SCCC for them to carry out these activities. In order to meet the varying needs of our arts groups, we have put together different initiatives under the Arts Support Framework for both longer and shorter-term needs. We hope that these initiatives will not only help our arts groups to thrive, but also enable diverse programmes to be developed for our public to enjoy.”

Photo Credit: SCCC

For more information, visit the SCCC website here 

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