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Keeping Connected In China: Beijing

BEIJING, CHINA – China’s one of those place we never imagined we’d find ourselves in. Yet, amidst our insanely busy schedule, we managed to squeeze some time out earlier this year and found ourselves travelling to Beijing. Going only with the intention of checking out CreatureS’ new restaurant, we honestly had no idea what else we were going to do while visiting the Chinese capital – the extent of what we knew was limited to Peking Duck, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square.

So what’s a guy to do but to search up a guide to help us through this confusing period? That guide came to us quite by chance, while we were renting out our portable WiFi from Changi Recommends. While certainly, we already knew how reliable the system was at giving us the WiFi we live and breathe to let us post photos and Instastories throughout, we never knew that Changi Recommends literally does have a segment where they actually recommend things for you to do, complete with attractive tour packages and deals to make things that much easier for any first time tourist to most major destinations.

Looking through the extensive list of packages and activities, we decided at last on booking ourselves a Beijing City Bus Tour, perfectly mapping out our schedule with options to fill our days from the moment we step off the plane.

Changi Recommends took us to some of the biggest, most popular sites in Beijing at a great price, where we got a chance to experience sights like Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven. The roads in Beijing are large and wide, and there certainly is a kind of fear of difficulty of navigation for tourists in Beijing for the first time, so we were incredibly thankful to our knowledgeable tour guide, who always gave us ample time to soak up the culture and snap away for photos to keep.

Replete with blue skies, there was an undeniable sense of calm as we walked these historic landmarks and listened to the stories behind them. One couldn’t help but be overcome by a sense of awe at the political intrigue that laces these buildings, along with thinking about how some of that still translates and is inherited by modern day China.

Of course, Changi Recommends didn’t determine our entire itinerary – with some recommendations from friends, we also ended up at some interesting restaurants, such as Luyu Fashion Taste Restaurant, the Slow Boat Brewery with their own beer label, and Shengyongxing Restaurant, known for their roasted meats. Along the way, there were some fascinating foods as well, from the hipster – a souffle with tapioca pearls, to the downright dangerous – scorpions on a stick sold on the streets!

In all, Beijing was made that much more fun and convenient with Changi Recommends’ guidance, tour and of course, WiFi. Without them, we don’t think we’d have enjoyed Beijing quite as much, and perhaps the best part of all, is knowing exactly where we wanted to go, and reliably getting there, while being able to record everything on social media. Would we visit Beijing again? Possibly, but for now, we’ll just be having dreams of ancient palaces, biting winds, and the image of Chairman Mao flashing in our subconscious, coming together to form a truly feverish dream of China as we’ve experienced it.

For more information on Changi Recommends and to plan your trip with them, visit their website here. With the school holidays just having started, Changi Recommends is also offering all customers a special deal this June, with up to $100 off your bookings with the following codes:

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