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Changi Recommends Unveils Five New ChangiWiFi Collection Points in Changi Airport

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Five new ChangiWiFi collection points have been established in Changi Airport to facilitate the collection and return of ChangiWiFi routers for travelers, bringing the total number of collection points across all four terminals to eleven. Aimed at easing queues and reducing waiting times, customers making their ChangiWiFi bookings online at can now select their choice collection points to suit their schedule and convenience.

As the sole overseas Wi-Fi router rental provider in Singapore with physical counters open 24hours a day in Changi Airport, Changi Recommends provides the reliability and assurance that customers will definitely have their pre-booked routers with them on their trip without any delivery issues or scheduling conflicts prior to departure. As long as customers make their reservation beforehand and drop by any Changi Recommends booth before their flight to pick up their ChangiWiFi routers, their connectivity for the upcoming trip is assured.

As a bonus, Changi Recommends provides 24-hours Customer Support through a hotline (+65 6701 1185) and Whatsapp messaging service (General Enquiries: +65 9134 1516 or Technical Support: +65 8403 4722) for any assistance required. These perks jointly ensure that ChangiWiFi remains convenient and reliable for everyone.

All customers have to do is visit to make a reservation online. Aside from ChangiWiFi routers, consumers can also collect any amenity reservations, attraction or tour tickets that require physical pick up at any of the eleven Changi Recommends counters within Changi Airport before departing.


List of Changi WiFi Collection Points:


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