Homegrown and Heartfelt: DBS debuts second season of Sparks, an award-winning mini-series, with focus on sustainability

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Over the years, DBS has been focused on advancing the sustainability agenda, through responsible banking, responsible business practices and creating social impact. In line with this commitment to advancing the sustainability agenda as a purpose-driven bank, DBS Bank has debuted the second season of Sparks, an award-winning mini-series. Themed “Everyday Heroes for a Better World”, the first three episodes of this new season follow a group of dynamic DBS bankers as they partner with the community to address some of the most pressing social and environmental issues of the day, from plastic pollution to food waste, to even social inequality.

All three episodes are inspired by the stories of three social enterprises (SEs), namely: Indonesia’s Evoware, which creates edible packaging solution made of seaweed; Singapore’s Bettr Barista, which trains marginalised individuals in coffee brewing; and Hong Kong’s Eco-Greenergy, which turns coffee grounds into innovative products such as compostable cutlery, therefore upcycling food waste. All three SEs are supported by the DBS Foundation, a foundation set up five years ago to champion social entrepreneurship that has since nurtured over 300 SEs around the region. The foundation has awarded about SGD 5 million in grants to SEs across the region, having deployed social innovations in areas such as healthcare, social inclusion, environment protection, waste management, food sustainability, as well as employment and income generation for the marginalised.

Sparks Season Two stars both industry veterans and rising stars such as Adrian Pang, Tan Kheng Hua, Jae Liew, Aanchal Wadhwani, Arifin Putra, Chen Yi Xin, Chew Kin Wah, Darryl Yong, Jamie Xia, Terrance Tan and Thomas Pang. Through the series, DBS hopes to spark conversations and galvanise change around key sustainability challenges such as plastic pollution, as it is estimated China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam account for 60% of all plastics dumped into the ocean, while in Singapore, we use at least 1.76 billion plastic items a year, of which less than 20% is recycled. Sparks also hopes to address issues of inequality, where issues of social and gender inequality continue to be pressing matters, as well as food waste, where Asia contributes to 50% of the USD 1 trillion of food wasted globally each year. These episodes also seek to pay tribute to everyday heroes, from individuals to businesses to members of Team DBS, passionately and resiliently stepping out to make a difference.

Says Karen Ngui, Head of DBS Group Strategic Marketing & Communications and Board Member of DBS Foundation: “As a purpose-driven bank that’s deeply rooted in the heart of Singapore and the region, we believe we have a central role to play in creating a sustainable future that goes beyond banking. We are acutely aware that such a huge endeavour requires us to join hands with businesses, communities and the public. Fundamentally, we also believe that there is an everyday hero in each and every one of us, and together, we can all drive change – in big and small ways – for a better world.”

Watch DBS Sparks here

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