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Museum Musings: Sullivan + Strumpf (Sydney) presents Hiromi Tango’s Healing Circles

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – The art of Hiromi Tango evolves organically from one project to the next, developing complex dialogues with environment and audience. Tango’s large-scale ‘performative installations’ are premised on the notion of interactivity, forging individual, social and cultural connections.

Reacting to an age in which human relationships are being eclipsed by the globalisation and virtualisation of communication, the artist’s practice is often collaborative, performative and site-specific. Her immersive installations comprise vibrant sculptural accumulations of donated objects, materials and stories. They become mnemonic traces of feelings and interactions, and the ensuing catalysis of emotion and recognition forms the affective crux of her art. In this way, although Tango’s works are highly personal and autobiographical, they can also be read as universal tropes of collective experience.

Full Moon – Nature’s Cycle, 2019, Japanese silk, other textiles, bronze, wire, LED light box, 70 cm diameters, 15 cm deep

Building upon Hiromi Tango’s performative art practice, Healing Circles responds to the influence contemporary life has on us and our relationship with one another. This exhibition includes a range of sculptures, textiles, photo images, works on paper and neon lights. Tango employs the circle as a recurring motif in this exhibition, as it is a universal symbol of healing – representing the cycle of life, regeneration, relationships and a state of total completion.

Healing Circles: Empathy, 2019, waxed coloured pencil, 56 x 76cm

Included in Healing Circles is a new series of works on paper in vibrant colours and abstract forms – created with the meditative practice of drawing circles. Tango’s inquiry into the energy that is generated by this meditative act is displayed through this series. The drawings stand as objects and performances in the process of their creation – one that signifies rest, allowing space and time for people to pause and break out of negative thought patterns. This offers a moment of reflection where it is often difficult to slow down and focus our minds, in the midst of all the demands and distractions of contemporary life.

Embodying the concept of nature and nurture, Tango’s iconic sculptures take on forms of the moon and the human heart using metallic materials and illuminated lights. For this exhibition, Hiromi Tango seeks to offer us a moment of calm and positive energy.

Healing Circles runs from 24th August to 23rd September 2019 at Sullivan + Strumpf Sydney. For more information, visit their website here

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