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Marina Bay Sands unveils newest pâtisserie Origin + Bloom

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Marina Bay Sands has launched a brand new pâtisserie to its line-up of dining experiences, as it welcomes Ongin + Bloom to the hotel lobby. Set against the backdrop of a lush garden oasis at the lobby of the iconic hotel, the European-inspired pâtisserie marries superior produce with fine craftsmanship to present timeless classics and modern creations.

From handcrafted pastries, chocolates, artisanal cakes to gourmet sandwiches, every ingredient used is handpicked for its distinct flavours, and allowed to shine through Origin + Bloom’s creations. Designed by award-winning interior design firm Joyce Wang Studio, Origin + Bloom boasts a space that embraces café culture with its relaxed, street-like façade yet luxurious interior. Its dynamic design scheme was inspired by the tropical vegetation located outdoors at the back of the site, drawing guests closer to nature as they relax on bespoke high stools placed along window ledges at the entrance of the coffee shop.

Headlining the menu are original creations by Chef Antonio Benites, the integrated resort’s newly-appointed executive pastry chef. Chef Antonio brings with him almost 20 years of experience in the art of pastry, having received direct tutelage from the revolutionary Pierre Hermé during his time as executive pastry chef of Pierre Hermé Paris in 2008. The Peruvian chef moved to Singapore in 2010 to assume the role of Pastry Chef Director at the former Michelin starred Joël Robuchon Restaurant and Atelier de Joël Robuchon until 2018.

“Origin + Bloom is a brand new concept dedicated to combining glorious produce with artistry, and I am excited to draw from my years of experience to lead the team. The menu is an exciting blend of original classics as well as new creations inspired by nature’s produce from each season,” said Chef Antonio Benites, Executive Pastry Chef, Marina Bay Sands.

At Origin + Bloom, chef Antonio showcases his artistry through innovative pastries such as the black symphony (S$10). A layer of salted caramel mousse lies between two pure dark chocolate pecan brownies, set atop a cacao crumble base. The dome-shaped treat is enameled in a classic black glaze, and topped with a delicate white chocolate feather. Another original creation is the tropical mango (S$10), a vibrant dandelion-hued cake shaped like the fruit. This dessert uses fresh nam doc mai mango, best known for its intense aroma and sweetness, in its mousse, and is layered with passionfruit-lychee jelly. Chef Antonio adds a unique twist with the addition of Sarawak pepper to embolden the flavours with a touch of spice.

To celebrate seasonality, Origin + Bloom will also roll out limited-time specials throughout the year. Coinciding its launch with autumn – the best harvesting season for chestnuts – the pâtisserie presents the classic mont blanc (S$9), which features velvety chestnut paste with almond cream and tangy cranberry coulis. Another seasonal highlight is the éclair (S$9), a choux pastry filled with shiso flower-infused cream for a hint of herbal sweet fragrance, complete with the top harvest of blueberries this season.

Chocolate lovers will indulge in the salted chocolate orange cake (S$14), shaped like a cocoa bean and coated in a sheer veil of cocoa powder. Two layers of rich chocolate cake are melded by a thin layer of milk chocolate ganache, enhanced with a sprinkle of fleur de sel, and livened up with fragrant notes of orange zest.

In addition to the medley of pastries and cakes, Chef Antonio also debuts a series of indulgent treats using one of his favourite ingredients to work with – chocolate. The expert chocolatemaker uses chocolate beans from unique regions such as Bali, Brazil, and Peru, and nuts from Austria, Italy and Spain, to introduce a selection of artisanal chocolates. A highlight is the piedmont hazelnut praline macaé bar (S$15) which uses premium hazelnuts from Piedmont, Italy. These lightly roasted nuts are caramelized and mixed with milk chocolate made in-house, then layered with almond nibs and coated in a layer of pure origin Brazilian dark chocolate.

Origin + Bloom’s breads and sandwiches are prepared fresh daily (L-R): The Whole 9 Yards sandwich; a selection of freshly baked viennoiseries

Origin + Bloom also offers an array of premium sandwiches, fresh salads, and yoghurt parfaits for those looking for a wholesome meal. the whole 9 yards (S$16 onwards) is a hearty sandwich featuring endless layers of thinly cut gourmet hams and cured sausages, including mortadella, chorizo, Jésus du Pays basque (dry-aged pork sausage), chambost saucisson (cured pork sausage), and gammon ham, with pickled vegetables and arugula.

No.65 (S$14) is another star item with a creative play on Singapore’s favourite national dish – the chicken rice. It features tender poached chicken topped with ginger, spring onions, and coriander in a fresh and crispy baguette. Guests can also enjoy delicious vegan options such as the svelte (S$15), featuring roasted vegetables and creamy hummus in flourless bread, or choose from more than 20 different healthy Kombuchas, cold-pressed juices, and fizzy organic colas.

Origin + Bloom handpicks premium coffee beans to suit each unique brewing method At Origin + Bloom, coffee beans are specially selected to extract their best flavours through each unique brewing method. The pâtisserie presents a menu perfect for coffee lovers, from traditional blends to modern concoctions such as the Origin + Bloom mazagran (S$6) made from cold drip coffee, lemon juice, and served on ice, as well as a refreshing esotonic (S$6) made of espresso and tonic water. Artisanal tea blends and all-time favourites such as the green tea latte and dirty chai are also available for those who prefer a sweeter cuppa.

Origin + Bloom’s design uses a material palette selected from various tones within Singapore’s rich landscapes. The result is a refined ambience with cool colours of sage and pistachio, contrasted by warm copper metals and wood detailing throughout. The light-coloured flooring is complemented by a darker green terrazzo wall and counter top.

Jewellery-style display cases finished in walnut and light oak exhibit perfectly baked loaves of bread, whilst colonial-inspired fans hang from the high ceilings, overlaid with strips of copper mesh. Orb lighting in copper finish drop from the ceiling, and bounces warm light around the space.

Origin + Bloom is located at the lobby of Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 3. The pâtisserie opens daily from 7am to 10pm. For more information, visit their website here

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