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Music Is: 13 New Music Acts To Perform at All Things New X Noise Weekend

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Following a two-month long Noise Music mentorship, 13 young up and coming music acts are set to make their professional debuts at the Esplanade’s All Things New X Noise Weekend from from 17th to 19th January 2020.

For one weekend, audiences can expect a weekend filled with music across a range of genres as the next generation of emerging musicians bring their best sounds to the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre and Upper Concourse. This will also represent their final showcase, as each of the acts share their original music and present what they’ve learnt over the 2-month course to the public. Prior to their final showcase, mentees will also get chances to interact with a live audience at NAC’s Arts and Culture Nodes, *SCAPE and Wisma Geylang Serai before their final showcase.

Over the last two months, 13 aspiring music acts aged 20-31 years old were matched with 8 mentors to hone and develop their music. This time around, a greater effort to promote deeper cross-sharing of industry knowledge from the Malay and Mandarin music markets respectively were also made, with new mentors such as Imran Ajmain and Ling Kai. The acts are namely, Causeway Youth, Elsa Mickayla, Halal Sol, HE1ST, Islandeer, Joy Heng, KEAT, killedbythecircus, Kitty Purnaz, limejuice, motifs, Rangga Jones and Queen Khan

Over the course of the mentorship, participants were exposed to activities such as three days of panel discussions, teaching mentees about areas of production, performance and presentation, as well as on topics relating to the wider music scene such as“The Language of Music” and “Different Pathways and Roles in Music”

This January, come see what new homegrown music talents have emerged, and head down to the Esplanade for a weekend of fresh beats with All Things New X Noise Weekend.

All Things New X Noise Weekend takes place from 17th to 19th January 2020 at the Esplanade. Admission is free.

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