Food For Thought: Violet Oon Launches Shepherd’s Pie Trays and Nyonya Bento Boxes

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Need a Peranakan fix while riding out the circuit breaker? Violet Oon Singapore has expanded its range of delivery and takeaway options with the launch of their Shepherd’s Pie Trays in two new sizes and Nyonya Bento Boxes, freshly prepared daily for your family meals.

“Our incredible team at Violet Oon Singapore responded quickly to the changing conditions and adapted our existing catering services to offer some of our well-loved dishes in smaller quantities through the Petit Feasts – our curated food menu available for home by pick-up and delivery,” says MMM Group Chairman and CEO Manoj M Murjani. “Now, we are excited to add two new menus to bring the best of our diverse food selections into homes and serve up satisfaction through our dishes. We continue to work on new food options and look forward to launching several more dishes and initiatives to make the best of our offerings in each of the related restaurant concepts within Violet Oon Singapore and make them available across the island.”

With the Shepherd’s Pie, Violet Oon Singapore introduces their take on the classic English one-dish-meal. Enjoy this beloved comfort food delivered freshly baked and ready-to-eat at home, available in chicken or beef in either Large (20cm x 20cm, serves 3 to 5 pax, $62) or Small (11cm x 14cm, serves 1 pax, $58 for a set of 3). The trays can also be kept refrigerated for a day or frozen and reheated at your convenience.

Despite their unassuming looks, the Shepherd’s Pie is full of surprises. Baked to a nice golden brown surface, we cut into the pie and were greeted with a warm aroma. The beef used in the pie was beautifully cooked, and seasoned very well. We’re a sucker for small details, like the effort to use real potatoes (you know it was freshly mashed), and it shows the amount of hard work that goes into preparing each pie, something we really appreciate in these difficult times.

Savour Violet Oon Singapore’s hearty and balanced meals with their Nyonya Bento Boxes. Paired with Tahu Goreng and White Rice, choose to pack your box from nine sumptuous classics, including favourites such as Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry, Chap Chye, Meatless Meatball Rendang and Sayur Lodeh. Prices range from $23 to $28, and vegetarian options are also available.

Chicken Lemak

We ordered four bento sets, and were impressed. Each set contained a good serving of restaurant-quality dishes sure to fill you up, with a main dish, a side of vegetables, tahu goreng, and white rice. Set A for example, featured a delicious, full-flavoured and beautifully cooked chicken lemak, while Set D featured their signature beef rendang cooked to perfection, well-seasoned and topped off generously with their rempah!

Beef Rendang

Set F featured ikan goreng chilli. Well-cooked fish that remained fresh and crispy even with the generous serving of chilli served atop it. And while we’re not usually a fan of meat alternatives, we’re big fans of meatballs. With Set H, we got a chance to try a meatless meatball rendang that utilised a good mix of spices and chilli and a tempeh-like soy product, making for a very delicious meat substitute.

Ikan Goreng Chilli

Even the vegetable dishes are well-crafted, with the sayur lodeh packed with flavour, a Violet Oon Singapore product through and through with its refusal to compromise on taste. The chap chye had evidently been cooking for several hours, with the carrots soft, and every bite allowing us to taste the dried scallops and other aromatics that went into the beautifully put together dish. Other vegetable dishes included the broccoli lemak, and long beans with hae bee, depending on which set you order.

Tahu Goreng

The humble tahu goreng is a simple dish that’s easy to get wrong but they got it perfect! You’d be glad that this dish is included in every set, Violet Oon Singapore’s tahu goreng features perfectly fried tahu and sweet black sauce, making for a perfect combination that helps balance out the whole bento set. And while easily overlooked, even the rice was well-cooked, and that served as a good complement to any and every dish that came in the set, something we appreciated greatly.

Violet Oon Singapore’s full range of merchandise is also available, and can be added on to any delivery or takeaway order. From specially curated cookies, jams, sweet delights and prized sauces that you can share with your loved ones, enjoy these flavours, all made using only the best and freshest ingredients in the Archipelago.

In addition, Violet Oon Singapore assures customers that they continue to maintain the utmost care in preparing their food, from practising the highest level of hygiene to using the highest quality of ingredients. During this period, they have also increased the frequency of sanitisation of the food preparation areas and heightened the awareness of their staff to continue to follow the food and safety guidelines that they practise daily. Additional precautionary measures, including having a handwashing schedule and twice-daily temperature checks for all staff, cleaning and sanitising of all kitchen and bars after each meal period, and temperature checks for all delivery drivers personnel have also been introduced.

Violet Oon Singapore’s Nyonya sets and Shepherd’s Pie make for great home dining during this circuit breaker period, and it’s highly recommended you order more than one, so the whole family can enjoy this meal together. Our heartfelt thanks to the team from Violet Oon Singapore, including the chefs, all staff members, Christopher, Manoj M Murjani, and Violet Oon herself, for putting a smile on our face with this great meal in these tough times. (Meals are paid by Bakchormeeboy unless stated)

Takeaway available at Violet Oon Singapore at Bukit Timah (881 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 279893) during lunch and dinner service hours. Orders must be placed at least 30 minutes before pick-up time. To place a takeaway order, call +65 9710 2934 (from 12pm to 9pm).

Delivery options are also available. Enjoy free delivery of takeaway orders with a minimum final bill of $100 (a flat delivery charge of $15 applies for other orders). Orders should be placed at least 2 hours before delivery time, and can be made by emailing or calling +65 9834 9935 (from 10am). Payment may be made via credit card or PayNow to +65 9834 9935. Contact-free delivery is available upon request.

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