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#dingyiwithyou: Ding Yi Music Company Launches Cover of ‘Heal The World’, In Collaboration with Frontline Healthcare Workers

Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 10.10.33 PM

Local Chinese chamber music ensemble Ding Yi Music Company has collaborated with frontline healthcare workers to jointly produce a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal The World’. The video, now available on YouTube, is a gift from the healthcare heroes to all who are affected by this pandemic, and as a way to lift their mood.

While primarily known for their work on the frontlines caring for patients, these featured medical workers are also surprisingly talented on the musical front, using their talents to heal both themselves and spread joy to viewers. The resulting video aims to spread the message for everyone to stay home, stay safe and give strength to our healthcare heroes who are committed to their work in the frontline.

Says Ding Yi General Manager Elvia Goh: “This is a special and heartfelt collaboration as we often play music to heal people and as a form of well-being but in this instance, we see our healthcare heroes using the powerful tool of music to keep themselves strong. We hope every Singaporean can appreciate what these healthcare heroes have done for the nation, and we should keep our responsibility to remain home where possible.”

To find out more about #dingyiwithyou, visit their website here


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