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Art What!: Frieze Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Artists and Museums

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LONDON – Frieze has announced the launch of the Rapid Response Fund Crowdfunding Campaign (for the CAS Rapid Response Fund), in partnership with the Contemporary Art Society, and will support artists and museums across the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fund is designed to support as many different artists and local museums as possible, based on the understanding that museums will play a vital role in communities as we exit the crisis. Money raised will be spent purchasing artworks by British-based artists, providing financial support to artists, technicians and art handlers, many of whom work on a freelance basis and have seen their income streams decimated over recent weeks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to government restrictions, museums across the UK are currently closed until 4th July at the earliest. The CAS Rapid Response Fund will ensure that when museums reopen, they are able to reach out to their communities through new acquisitions, playing a vital role in civic healing and mental wellbeing.

Open to buy work from both fine art and craft practitioners, applications to the fund will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with museums making a case for how a specific artwork will support their engagement with local communities when they reopen.

The fund has already raised £100,000 through the generosity of CAS Patrons, which will support around 7-10 acquisitions. The crowdfunding campaign has been launched to increase the fund by a further £20,000, allowing art lovers to support contemporary artists and local museums across the UK. This is the first time in its 110-year history that CAS have raised money through crowdfunding.

People who donate £35 will receive a limited-edition facemask designed by top artists – David Shrigley, Eddie Peake, Linder and Yinka Shonibare. £120 will buy a pack of all four. For those wishing to pledge further financial support, £2,500 will allow donors to become an honorary Patron of the Contemporary Art Society for a year. The crowdfunding campaign will only be live for three weeks – from 20th May to 10th June.

The Rapid Response Fund Crowdfunding Campaign runs from now to 10th June 2020. Buy your custom facemask and support the campaign via this link



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