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Music Is: The TENG Ensemble present the Triptych Series


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Local arts ensemble, The TENG Ensemble, launches its Triptych Series, a three-part video series to spotlight the critical role of migrants in Singapore through their music. At the same time, it aims to encourage audiences to play their part in building a more inclusive society for the community.

With the migrant community being one of the hardest-hit groups in the country’s battle against COVID-19, the Triptych Series is in support of #SGUnited and aims to spread positivity amid these challenging times. The series also draws a common thread to our own ancestors, many of whom were migrants who came to Singapore during its founding years, thus paying tribute to the continued contributions migrants have made to Singapore’s success. The works will also underscore critical links between Singaporeans and migrants to bring awareness to the commonalities between both communities.

The video series will feature three original musical compositions, beginning with a collaboration with Tamil music artiste, Shabir, Thedichoru: Shabir X The TENG Ensemble, followed by Xin Zao Beh 《新走马》to celebrate migrants in Singapore’s past and present. The final video, Childhood, will reveal their unspoken hopes and dreams through a rhapsody of sight and sound, as the music is paired harmoniously with interviews that document the stories of migrants working in Singapore.

The series is a continuation of TENG’s The Forefathers Project since 2016 that celebrates and reimagines the sounds of Singapore’s Chinese music pioneers. The TENG Ensemble hopes the music videos will inspire a greater appreciation of our rich cultural heritage, and encourage audiences to value the unsung heroes of our past and present.

The first video of the Triptych series is now available on The TENG Ensemble’s Facebook, YouTube and Instagram platforms. Subsequent videos will be released on 31st May and 4th June 2020.

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