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Preview: Split Theatre presents Split Reactions online


Like every other theatre company in Singapore, Split Theatre has been rendered unable to do live performances during the coronavirus period. Turning to the field of digital presentation, they’ve taken to Facebook to post something a little different during this time: reaction videos.

Taking inspiration from the Watchman’s speech in Aeschylus’s Agamemnon, Split has been exploring concepts of ‘keeping watch’, ‘taking stock’, ‘waiting’, ‘hoping’, ‘counting’ and ‘pining’ for something greater – something bigger than themselves – to take place. With the sudden gap in new content, it’s the perfect time to revisit old work, and instead of simply uploading archival videos of their past work, Split is taking things one step further by gathering friends, actors and creatives together to watch their past productions. Don’t expect a quiet watch party though – each video is set for a fun discussion, both intellectual and silly, as they react to everything from their own growth since then, to their musings on the (often ambiguous) meaning behind each work.

“Even as we look within ourselves during this downtime, we want to simultaneously reach out to people out there to say categorically that “You Matter”. Even as we’ve been constantly delving into the abstract, the larger-than-life, and the ineffable over the past years, we still want people out there to see who we are as human beings – as people who bullshit and have fun over casual chit-chats,” says Darryl Lim, founder and artistic director of Split. “What’s most important to us is the connection we hope to create with our audience through this humanity that we share. We hope that the series of reaction videos in which you get to hear us candidly discuss the mumbo-jumbo that we do, and the series of surveillance videos in which you get to chill out with us over lofi music will finally reveal who we are deep down inside.”

Join Split as they take stock of their progress as a young theatre company, and huddle together to laugh, gasp and think about these original productions they’ve put up from 2016 to now, as a means of reflecting before moving forward, and growing further in time to come.

Watch Split’s videos on Facebook here, with a planned schedule of one new video every two weeks.

Read our reviews of past Split productions: 

Deaf (2017)

Fourteen (2018)

Colours (2019)

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