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Subway® Turns Up The Heat With Brand New Hot & Spicy Chicken Subs


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As the world around us is heating up with spicier events and occurrences every day, global sandwich chain Subway is turning up the fire in Singapore with two brand new hot and spicy chicken subs, now available islandwide.

The new signature flavour addition follows Subway’s menu revitalisation, which included 12 new ingredients, and has been designed specifically for Singaporean tastes and love of spiciness. Says Subway Singapore Country Director Samad Shariff: “We know Singaporeans are spicy-food lovers and the Hot & Spicy range will crank up the heat for any meal.”

Ignite your taste buds with Subway’s Spicy Mayo Chicken Sub, with chicken strips marinated in a Southern-inspired creamy remoulade or savour the tangy roasted notes of the Hot Pepper Chicken Sub, infused in Subway’s signature sauce. With the cool mayo balancing out the heat, the Spicy Mayo Chicken Sub is ideal for those who like a little kick that won’t leave their mouths burning, for that subtle spiciness sure to add a dash of excitement to your meal.

Meanwhile, for those who want to turn up the heat even further, the Hot Pepper Chicken Sub really brings the chilli to the fore. But it’s not just pure heat in every bite; it’s a good balance of spiciness with the other flavours in the sub that makes it a hearty meal, perfect for those who want to really feel the fire going down their throats.

Subway Singapore has also expanded its snacks menu with three new Toasties flavours, offering more convenient and affordable options for Singaporeans on the go.The Garlic Bread Toastie has always been a firm favourite with Singaporeans, but now, Singaporeans can also look forward to the Ham & Cheese Toastie, Mushroom Toastie and Egg Mayo Toastie.

Whether you’re here to feel the burn, or enjoy a little spicy kick, Subway has you covered with their Hot & Spicy Chicken Subs, perfect for adding some fire to your life.

The new Hot & Spicy Chicken Subs range and the new toasties are now available at all 136 Subway restaurants island-wide for takeaway or delivery with GrabFood, Deliveroo and FoodPanda. 

For more information about Subway’s new menu options, visit

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